Cosmo Flogger – Review

Cosmo Flogger – Review

It has been a while since I had a chance to review anything that was kink-focused, but thankfully Betty’s Toy Box had my back. They gave me a chance to choose one item from the Cosmos Bondage line. Out of all six pieces of the holographic bondage set, I went with the flogger since it looked so unique compared to the floggers I have used before. 

Cosmo Flogger

This holographic flogger is part of the Cosmo Bondage line from NS Novelties. It is made from easy-to-clean vinyl and is accented with rose gold hardware. Each piece of the set is sold separately, or all together as a full set. This flogger has 36 falls in total, and each is about 1 cm in thickness. 


  • Length: 18.94 inches
  • Handle Width: 1.34 inches
  • Diameter: 1.34 inches

So What Did I Think?

When I first saw the Cosmo line, I was really excited about the look of the set, as the holo look is within my aesthetic choices. I had never tried vinyl as a flogger material, so it would be very new for me. But the second I got it out of the box, I was met with stark disappointment.

The first red flag was as I pulled it out of the box, the flogger was curled up inside and squished. This caused the falls to curl awkwardly and get stuck into the curled shape. Therefore, the falls sat awkwardly when you held it in your hand. I attempted to remedy this in a few ways. 

  1. Let it hang out in the bathroom to soften during showers, but not in direct steam/water. 
  2. Trying to break it in by working it in my hands. 
  3. Shaking the heck out of it for a few minutes.

None of these things worked at all. It still held an odd shape to it that was hardly appealing. And with how stiff the falls were, I was honestly not really keen on using them against my flesh or a partner’s. However, for the sake of the review, I did. 

Cosmo Flogger In Use

I found that when in use, it causes two sensations. First, when most of the body of the flogger hits, it is a very nice thudding sensation. But right at the end, depending on how and how much you are striking, there comes a very sharp bite sensation from the very tips of the flogger. The falls are just short enough that they shouldn’t wrap around a part of the body upon impact, but smaller people might find this to not be true. 

If you are getting someone with the very ends only, the spot is going to go red very quickly as the falls slice as they strike. My arm only needed about half a dozen strikes to get to this point, and it honestly looked like I had been scratched up by my cat. For some, this might be the sensation they are going for, but it is one that would honestly have me safewording after only a few hard hits. 

Biggest Issue

More than the issue of the sensation caused by the Cosmo Flogger is the actual make and design. After breaking in the flogger I noticed that a few of the falls started to come apart. This is because the holographic part is glued onto a second piece of vinyl. Which is what gives each fall the thickness that it has. This was an unfortunate thing to happen, especially after only getting some use out of it. So anyone who might use this regularly will see it break down quicker.

This could be an easy fix if they went with a different design together. Instead of thick rope-like falls, instead, go with thinner ribbon-like falls. It would be a longer flogger, but it would have any sort of flowing movement that made it easier to use. It could still cause the same sting and thud sensations that the smaller one can, but also be safer for those who don’t want to split skin. 

Overall Thoughts 

The Cosmo Flogger might be the weakest piece in the Cosmo Bondage line from NS Novelties. It is a great concept and looks cute, so it will go well with a lot of people’s aesthetics. Sadly it fails to hold up to actual use for too long. It also has too many red flags for a toy that is designed to hit someone. Especially as it was likely made with beginners and those new to kink in mind. 

You can get the Cosmo Flogger for 29.99 at Betty’s Toy Box.

Thank you Betty’s Toy Box for letting me review the Cosmo Flogger in exchange for this honest review. All writing and opinions are my own.

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