Dildoll Fantasia – Review

Dildoll Fantasia – Review

This year I have been really enjoying very simple and easy-to-use dildos. You might think them basic, but not everything needs to be hyper-realistic or overly textured. The Dildoll Fantasia stands out to me because it can glow in the dark. So I was eager to try it when I saw it available on Vibed’s website. Let’s see what it has to offer! 

Dildoll Fantasia Stats

The Fantasia dildo, part of the Dildoll line by Love to Love, is a body-safe silicone dildo that glows in the dark. With a pastel pink silicone for the base, there are streaks of pastel blues, yellows, and just a hint of green from head to base. Each of them glows in the dark for a charming streaked look. It is also black-light reactive. The feel of the silicone is silky to the touch and has a very nice squish to it.

Fantasia’s shape is phallic, but not in an overly realistic way, giving it a very sleek shape. There is a slight curve to the shaft, and the head is ever so slightly pronounced. This makes the toy quite viable for prostate or g-spot play. While the silicone itself is flexible, it also stands up well without flopping over. Finally, the suction cup on the bottom is not only strong for no-hands play, but it is also perfect for strap-on play. It can be used with most standard strap-on devices. 

It’s a breeze to wash: just use a toy cleaner, gentle soap, and water, or give it a quick boil. Also, the best way to get the most glow out of it is to put it in the most direct path of light for at least an hour. So something like on your windowsill or even directly under a bedside lamp.


  • Overall Length: 6.93 inches
  • Insertable Length: 5.83 inches
  • Width:  1.38 inches
  • Girth: 4.3 inches
Fantasia under blacklight

So What Do I Think

Right out of the package, I really loved the look of the Dildoll Fantasia. It is a little hard to see where the streaks of other colors are at first. With my particular pour, the stripes of color happen to be very minimal. However, after letting it sit under the bright lights of my room and shutting out the lights, the lines then really stood out. Glowing in the dark helps the streaks come to life under the right conditions. The glow is bright enough that after the toy spent the day under my bedroom lights on my bookcase, I can see the glow from across the room while in bed. 

Build and Use

Now when it comes to the build of the Dildoll Fantasia, it is honestly a very simple and straightforward dildo. The curve on it is a very slight angle, only a couple of degrees off from being straight up and down. And the definition of the head is minimal as well, giving just a hint of feeling against the g-spot. It was comfortable while in use, but not enough for me to have a specific g-spot orgasm.

This is more likely due to my g-spot having gotten used to more defined and heavy toys for that kind of stimulation rather than due to this toy’s shape. However, I do think that someone who wanted to ease their way into working up to more intense g-spot toys would adore Fantasia. For me, this dildo is just all-around beginner-friendly. Not just for g-spot play, but for anal as well. The simple design makes for easy and slow insertion. 

Finally, I was surprised by the strength of the suction cup. At first glance, it looks like it might not hold that well. In actuality, I found that it stuck to not only super flat surfaces for long times, but it also stood up well on surfaces that have a slight bit of texture, like wallpaper or particular paints, without any damage to the wall. Personally, I did not use the suction cup all that much, because I set mine up on a sex toy mount. That allowed me to have the perfect hands-off experience with the Dildoll Fantasia. One thing I did find was that while the base fits well in the hand, it has a little bit of a bend, so you cannot really hold it too tightly. But it also did not leave my hand feeling uncomfortable after use. 

Overall Thoughts

The Love to Love Dildoll Fantasia is a spectacularly simple dildo that I think a lot of beginners on their toy journey could enjoy. The glow-in-the-dark aspect makes it uniquely stand out among other toys. And the simple non-realistic shape opens it up to a lot of people who want something of that nature, but still want something that is slightly phallic.

You can get the Dildoll Fantasia at Vibed for only $39.99 on their website.

Thank you to Vibed for sending me the Fantasia in exchange for this unbiased review. All thoughts and writing are my own. 

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