Work With Me

Work With Me

I love writing and I love to work with others. I would love to work with you or your sex-positive business! Here you will find not only the different services I offer along with price but also my policies for all of my services. Contact me through the form down below or email me directly at witchofthewands (at) gmail (dot) com.


I review sex toys but am also open to other adult products such as lingerie and lubricants. Selfcare items and other body products are also welcome. I am also open to BDSM/Kink items. Some common items I will not review are:

  • Sex toys made with non-body-safe materials.
  • Sex toys from retailers/manufacturers who are based solely on Amazon, eBay or similar websites.
  • Lubricants that contain glycerin or parabens.
  • eBooks. I will only review the physical books that are sent to me.
  • Products for penises, as I do not have a way to review them at current.

I reserve the right to not complete any review if I have concerns about the safety of the materials after receiving the product.

For affiliates, I can complete reviews for free. For all other stores, I require payment in order to complete reviews. Reviews cost $75 per item. If you are an independent maker, the fee is waives.

Reviews get done in order of arrival. Please ask what my current queue is if you are looking for how long it might be before your post goes live.

My reviews are my own opinion and will not mean a positive review if the product is sent to me. I will not remove my review or change my wording at the request of any company, or return/pay for the sent item. Additionally, if the product has postage issues and does not arrive I am not responsible for its cost. Products that are sent without consulting me first will not be guaranteed a review.

How Linking Works:

I will never link to a competitor’s store in a review. But I may compare the item to other reviews on my site. where I may have links to other brands or stores.

I will change my links to a competitor if: you stop selling the product in your store, have it out of stock for an extended period of time, terminate your affiliate program, or reduce your affiliate commission to under 10%.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts are any posts that I complete at the request of an external source that is not a review or giveaway, and cost $100 per post. They will be entirely written by myself, be hosted only on my website, and be at least 900 words. Your post will be disclosed as paid and all links will be nofollow. They can contain links back to your site using your chosen anchor text. Please see here for examples of this work.

The topic for the Sponsored Post can either be provided by you, or I can suggest some that are relevant to your site/links. Once completed I will then share the post on my site and advertise it on my social media. If you wish to order an increased amount of words or more than one post then please contact me to see what prices I can offer you. There are discounts for multiple posts.

Sponsored Posts can be completed within about 3 weeks of receiving all the relevant information and payment. Barring any real-life complications that may happen in the course of daily life. But should any complications arise you will be contacted ASAP with information.

Blog Sponsorship (Advertising)

I offer a range of Sponsorship Packages to suit different needs and budgets. If you have any questions or would be interested in customizing these packages please get in touch.

Text Package
Unlimited spots.
Text Link Only
Starts at $10 per month.

Budget Package
Unlimited spots.
125×125 pixel banner on the Sponsors’ sidebar.
Starts at $20 per month.

Basic Package
3 spots (3 currently available)
250×125 pixel banner on the Sponsors’ sidebar.
Priority over Budget Sponsors.
Starts at $25 per month.

Standard Package
3 spots (3 currently available)
250×250 pixel banner on the Sponsors’ sidebar.
Placement on my Favorite Sites page, including a 750×200 pixel banner featuring your logo and a unique description advertising your store written by me.
Occasional promotion on my social media.
Priority over Budget & Basic Sponsors.
Starts at $50 per month.

Premium Package
3 spots (3 currently available)
250×250 pixel banner on the Sponsors’ sidebar.
Placement on my Favorites Sites page, including a 750×200 pixel banner featuring your logo and a unique description advertising your store written by me.
Frequent promotion on my social media – 1 post a week on Twitter, 1 post a month on Facebook, and 1 post a month on Instagram.
Priority over Budget, Basic & Standard Sponsors.
Starts at $75 per month.

Pricing differs for each spot depending on how high up your banner would be on my Sponsors sidebar and which Sponsorship package you want.

I only accept Sponsorships for one month, three months, and six months. For purchases of three months, I offer a 15% discount, and for six months I offer a 20% discount.

Additional information:

I will announce all new Sponsorships on my social media, regardless of sponsor type. The social media accounts that I use for Sponsorships are

  • Twitter (3.5K followers),
  • Instagram (1.4k followers),
  • Facebook (100 followers)

For Premium Sponsors you can either provide me with the images for my social media promotions, or I can create them myself. If I feel I am unable to easily create the images myself I will let you know in advance that you would need to provide images.

My social media posts and Favorites Sites page will be written by myself, however, you are welcome to give me suggestions for what information to include. Social media posts will use the hashtag “ad” and will be listed as sponsored where appropriate.

Banners should not contain nudity or anything that might go against my morals clause.


Giveaways are when you provide one or more items as prizes for a contest that I will host on my blog. It will receive prominent advertising while active and can help you promote a range of things due to the various entry options I offer. Giveaways can be held one on one with a site or for larger giveaways multiple sites.

All giveaways at my blog will run for 4 weeks/30 days (one month). During that time I will promote it frequently on my social media. The giveaway post will then include information on both the prize/s and your brand. Featuring an embedded Gleam application which is what the giveaway will run through. Entries will be based on promoting sites and social media of all parties in the giveaway. All entries will be personalized to the site I am advertising, customizing your entries is something we will discuss.

Giveaway Fine Print

The items I will agree to have as prizes are typically the same as what I will agree to review. But please email me if you are unsure. Please note I may also require my own copy of an item prior to agreeing to run a giveaway with it. A good example of this, a toy/product that I have not reviewed before.

Once complete I will contact you with the winner/s information, after which you are responsible for all further handling of the prizes, including shipping the products and contacting the winner/s with any further details. At this point I will no longer advertise the giveaway post, however, it will remain on my site.

Typically I can have giveaways live within one week of receiving all the relevant information and payment, however, please check my availability at the top of this page to confirm this.


At current, I only accept a limited number of affiliates and will only work with companies that I feel have a high standard. The majority of your shop should be body-safe and know you have a good reputation. You must also have at least a 15% commission rate.

A limited number of my favorite affiliates will have 250×250 pixel advertisements displayed on my affiliate’s sidebar. They may also receive space on my Favorite Stores page. This is completely up to my own discretion, and will solely depend on the stores I like best and/or believe need the exposure the most. By becoming an affiliate of mine, it does not guarantee one of these spots. If you want a guaranteed spot on my sidebar or Favorite Stores page, please view my Blog Sponsorship options.

Guest Posts

I DO NOT Guest Posts on my site. All posts are written by me. There are no exceptions to this particular rule. I reserve the right to ignore your email if you ask about a guest post.

Adding Links

I DO NOT add links to existing posts. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you would like a link on my page please see my Reviews, Sponsored Posts, or Blog Sponsorship.

Morality Clause

I reserve the right to refuse any of the above from your brand/site:

  • If you sell a large amount of non-body-safe toys.
  • If, in my opinion, I find any of your practices:
    • sexist
    • racist
    • homophobic
    • fat-shaming
    • transphobic
    • any other action oppressive in nature.

I also reserve the right to remove or add disclaimers to any of the above without warning if I find your practices to become this.


The following brands and retailers are on my Blacklist. I will not accept any of the above from them as I find their practices do not meet my Morality Clause:

  • Lelo, Shiri Zinn, FiFi, Screaming O, Edenfantasys, Tracy’s Dog, and Adam & Eve
  • I also will not work with stores/brands that sell on Amazon.

Fine Print

The following is applicable for all reviews, sponsored posts, blog sponsorships, and giveaways:

All links are nofollow.
Fees are due upfront.
All fees are to be paid via online transfer.
I make no promises on click-through rates or conversions.
All payments are final and non-refundable.
I am happy to send an online invoice if required.

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