Top 5 Sex Toy Reviews of 2022

Top 5 Sex Toy Reviews of 2022

This year has been a really great year for toy reviews! I have gotten to check off one of my big blogging goals for the year and review a few great smaller makers. I’ve had some toys go not so well for me, but know that they would be great for other bodies. And of course, I have had those that stick with me through the whole year. It was honestly hard to narrow it down to just the top 5 sex toys as I really did enjoy a majority of them. But these are the ones that made the top of my list for 2022!

Top 5 Sex Toy Reviews of 2022

#5 The Slubb

The Slubb was not only a favorite review for this year, but it also comes in as the most unique and longest review as well. I honestly do not think that there will ever be another toy in my vast collection like the Slubb. Getting the review done had some ups and downs as I attempted to find someone who wanted to try it. But I think even with that missing component, I was able to write a very comprehensive review. 

Personally, I am excited to see what the new year brings for this particular sex toy. I know that the makers are working on other attachments for the Slubb so that it can be compatible with different bodies and not just for those who have a penis. And while I don’t know what they will be, I know that they will be just as interesting as the Slubb itself. 

#4 JimmyJane – Form 2 Pro

This review was one of my first, way back in January, and one of my first from JimmyJane. The Form 2 Pro really surprised me with how much I liked it. Especially because it was a very buzzy toy and I just don’t really vibe well with that kind of vibration. But after some very extensive testing, I actually found that it had a rumbly secret which changed my whole outlook on it. 

It has also stayed near my bedside or on my desk this whole year. Not just to use for pleasure purposes, but it is also a dream when it comes to soothing my sinus issues. The two prongs fit just right over the bridge of my nose and leave me feeling so much better after using it. This also gets an entry on my list for having some of my favorite pictures that I took for toys this year, right alongside the Chroma’s pictures.

#3 Portland Toy Co – Core

One of my blogging goals for 2022 was to review things from smaller makers and I did that a couple of times throughout the year. However, the Core stands out as my favorite of the bunch for a number of reasons. First, I love how simple the Core is. Not too much of a curve, very good beginner size, and is very neutral in its shape. This is perfect for anyone who wants something phallic or not quite phallic. Second, it is queer-owned and made, which is great because I love to support fellow LGBTQA+ makers. Third, it comes in such lovely colors. Unfortunately, Amethyst, the color of my Core, is now discontinued, but I think that just makes it all the more special for me.

What is even better is the Core got a bit of an upgrade this year as well! Alongside a ton of new colors (smokey quartz is my favorite), it now has a spot to insert your favorite bullet vibrator. It all makes this simple dildo even more of a versatile favorite for me.

#2  Magic Wand Mini

This had to be one of the most popular toys for 2022. Practically every blogger I know got their hands on it to review. This compact version of my all-time favorite wand did not disappoint, either, which is what gives it the number two spot on my list. Personally, I love this version just for its travel capabilities alone. I could tuck it into my purse and honestly, no one would be the wiser. All while packing the same punch as its larger size siblings.

Also, this was another that I found myself using not only for pleasure but for my pain as well. The small size of the Magic Wand Mini is great for facial, hand, and foot massages. Especially when you need something that is going to be just a little more pinpoint. At the same time, it’s still broad in the way the vibrations will spread.

So when it comes to choosing a number one spot of my top 5 sex toys, there are a few things that I think about. What testing was like, what using it is like, how easy it is to use, how well it can work for different bodies, and of course how much use did it see outside of just the testing phase during the year. For 2022, this pick was almost too easy that when I started this article I already knew what it would be. And that goes to…

#1 Satisfyer – Double Wand-er

I never expected a wand from Satisfyer to be something I would love so much. But maybe I should have, given how well they do suction toys. They clearly know their way around sex toys most of the time. The Double Wand-er was my powerful, rumbly, and versatile dream. After the reviewing phase, I still grabbed this wand when I purely wanted to get off for my own pleasure. The dual heads are so easy to change out depending on what style of orgasms you are going for. 

I made sure to keep this wand charged at all times. Nothing was more heartbreaking than the few times I ran out of charge in the middle of masturbation. While I did reach for other toys, they were nothing in comparison to the Double Wand-er. And personally, I really wish that Satisfyer would come out with more heads that will fit as there is so much potential there! 

And that is it, the wrap-up of my top 5 sex toys reviews of 2022! I have some great things already lined up going into 2023 and I cannot wait to share them with you soon. Did you have a favorite review of mine this year? Or even your own top 5 sex toys of the year? Let me know in the comments what brought you joy when it came to sex toys this year!

Finally, on behalf of my blog, I just want to wish you health, hope, and happiness in the year ahead. 

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