Review: FemmeFun Dioni

Review: FemmeFun Dioni

The FemmeFunn Dioni caught my eye when the Vibed reached out to me to review. The deep blue color, the come hither bend, and the additional inches possibility called to me. I knew I had to give this a whirl; to know how well this worked. It makes me pleased to say that the outcome was most certainly positive. And of course, on this blog, we love uniquely shaped toys that are not your standard vibrators or dildos.

FemmeFunn Dioni Stats

The FemmeFun Dioni was designed with the intent to transform the first tool to find pleasure, the finger. A first glance, you can see how it is shaped much like a larger finger. With a slightly rounded tip and a slightly come hither crook in its shape. It is easy to see how they designed the Dioni with specific intent. It is perfect for solo play or with a partner. 

Made from silicone and a small amount of ABS plastic, the Dioni is built around a powerful motor. There are twenty vibration modes. Even a boost function that allows the vibrations an extra kick when you need them. To access the boost function while the toy is on, you want to press the power button twice quickly. It will last for about 60 seconds before returning to the mode you had been using. The ergonomic shape fits right over any finger to give targeted stimulation. A small Dioni fits a ring size of 8 or smaller. It is splashproof and wireless, using a magnetic USB charge. With a charge time of 90 minutes, you get about 60 mins of run time. 


  • Overall Length: 5 inches
  • Width: 1.53 inches

So What Did I Think?

Even before Vibed sent me the FemmeFun Dioni, I was intrigued by the shape and function of the toy. Not only does it look like it is a fun toy from just the look, but it also pinged on my ‘could be great for a lot of bodies’ meter because the length could be used as an extension to your normal finger. So I was excited once I got it out of the box and quickly started to see how it fit on my finger.

I am about a size 7-8 depending on the ring design and shape. So the Dioni slipped onto my finger with ease. It was firmly attached to my finger, but there was still a good amount of space so that my circulation was not cut off. My finger is about 4 inches in length, so it did act as an extension, though not drastically. I did find that if I had the Dioni pushed down on my finger as far as it could go, it hindered some of my basic movement and so I had to learn to account for that factor. Because of the width, it also adds a considerable amount of useable space for touch. 

First Test of the FemmeFun Dioni

So the first time testing the Dioni was actually very surprising. I spent a short while just using the toy along with various parts of my body. Which was nice, though I quickly added just a bit of water-based lube for less dragging friction. I thought I would start to feel the vibrations with the rest of my hand. But interestingly enough, I did not. While it is powerful at the tip, it defuses enough by the time it makes it to the back of the toy that you barely feel it.

I also feel like this is due in part to the small spot where there is a bit of metallic plastic at the end. This seems to be part of the design to give you an easier time moving your finger, as skin and silicone tend to catch and drag against one another. And it works really well for that. While I could not move the middle knuckle of my finger, moving my bottom knuckle was no issue. 

Then, of course, I moved on to more direct stimulation. The vibrations were rumbly, going deep enough to feel through just my labia. But it is with direct stimulation where the Dioni shines. The feeling of the pad of the toy against my clit was as much as if I was using two of my own fingers. The space is broader, and so is the area of vibration. It had the feeling of using a wand, but with the pinpoint accuracy of a smaller toy. Which basically created an amazing confluence of events, leading to me suddenly getting off within five minutes of using the toy. It left me floored enough to tweet about it. I’ll be honest, at that moment I was absolutely smitten by the Dioni.

Insertion Testing

Here is where I started to have some troubles. The Dioni adds about an extra inch to my finger length. Which is great, but in some ways falls short. Though not on Dioni’s end, this is all me. It was a combination of my arms being short and my wrists not wanting to bend as far as I needed them to. However, I managed to find a workaround. Instead of putting the Dioni on one finger, I used my first two fingers and fit them as far inside as I could. Which was only about the first knuckle, leaving me with a lot more dexterity and extending my fingers by close to four inches instead. This allowed me to actually get the amount of penetration that I needed.

Now I loved the way that insertion felt, the curve of the toy in that come hither motion allows for it to bump up against the g-spot just right. The vibration at the tip is still rumbly while inside. The only thing that truly stopped me from achieving orgasm with Dioni was myself. Simple user error because my wrists are not great from years of writing and other damage. I am certain that if this toy was being used on me and I didn’t have to concentrate on making sure I didn’t hurt myself, it would be a whole other story. 

Overall Thoughts

I truly believe that the FemmeFun Dioni can be a toy that can work for a number of different body shapes, sizes, and needs. There is a bit of a learning curve to figure out those ways, but it is not a steep one. This toy will definitely get more use time from me in the future. I also believe this can be a great toy not only for solo use but wonderful for playing with a partner as well.

You can get the FemmeFun Dioni at Vibed for $86.40, or if you use the code WITCH20, it will come down to 69.12. Both prices qualify for free shipping. 

Thank you Vibed for sending the FemmeFun Dioni to me in exchange for this unbiased honest review. All words and opinions expressed here are my own.

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