The Slubb Power Tool – Review

The Slubb Power Tool – Review

Every so often, I’m asked to review some truly wild things. But today’s review has to be the most unique toy that I have ever had the chance to test and write a review about. This is no ordinary sex toy, especially not with a name like The Slubb. So let’s dive into what has been the most…interesting toy of 2022 for me. 

Slubb Stats

This toy is quite literally a power tool. No, really, the design is that of an oscillating tool that you would use for sanding, scraping, or other tasks that call for the use of power tools. Instead of coming in a bright color like most tools, this one comes in a sleek black with a silver rounded end. Attached to that end is a small rubber loop that can be adjusted to various sizes in order to fit around any size phallus. 

The Slubb is cordless and comes with its own charge base. Once charged up, it can go up to 6 different speeds that ramp up from low to high. It also comes with an adaptor for US plugs and a hex key for attaching the strap.

Technical data 

  • 12 V, 100-240 / AC 50 / 60Hz 
  • Oscillation angle 3.0 degrees.
  • Li-ion battery capacity: 1500 mAh, 
  • Idle speed: 5000-19000 rpm
  • Length min: 14’ inch 
  • Width min: 1.5’ inch
  • Material: SBR rubber / PA66 Ultamid A3K
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds

So What Do I Think

As you can see, The Slubb really is no ordinary toy. But just how did someone come up with this idea? Let me share just a small snippet of how the Slubb came to be from its creator.

“I remember that day in July 2016 quite clearly. The week before we had been doing woodwork on a wall at one of our construction sites, including the use of an oscillating vibrating saw. My colleague and I held this saw up to our butts for fun, of course without any danger, and marveled at the incredible vibrations and the effect they had on us.

This impression continued to haunt me in the years that followed and drove me to ask how the vibrations could be transmitted to my “best piece” (his penis).

When my colleagues left our workshop one day after work, I started looking for usable materials for my prototype. I took a wide rubber grommet and attached it to a hacksaw blade. You all cannot even begin to imagine how nervous I was as I was about to bring the running saw with the attachment to my manhood.

However, to my surprise, I was amazed when I felt the incredibly gentle, yet powerful vibrations stimulating me in a totally new way. It did not take even 60 seconds and it happened. My first orgasm with a multi-tool, the first ever. Unbelievable!”

Michael Strobel – Inventor of the Slubb

Quite the interesting origin story of any sex toy that I’ve had the chance to write about, that’s for sure. Though by now you must be wondering what I, someone who has never reviewed a penis toy, was going to do? Well, of course, I did first reach out to those in my life that do have a penis to see if they would be willing to give it a shot. And while there was definitely curiosity and interest, the moment they saw the Slubb in action, their tunes changed immediately. First was the fact that the toy was, indeed, just a power tool with an attachment, and then there was the extreme volume of the Slubb when it was turned on. Let’s just say it did not get their engines raring to go. (Most of them shouted some iteration of “No!”)

Now does this make the Slubb a bad toy? Not at all. It just means that it’s really not everyone’s cup of tea to use a power tool near their most sensitive parts. Consent matters. Anyone has the right to revoke access at any point, and I was going to respect that. I highly recommend Kate Sloan’s review of Slubb to find out more about how it works for their partner. 

But Let’s Break This Down

As I stated, the Slubb is not at all a bad toy, but it is an intimidating one. I feel like this is a perk of the toy which makes it great for Dominants to use with their submissives who have penises. The sound and the vibration alone really do make one wonder just what they are about to get into. And I will say the powerful vibrations are going to hit you deeply when you use them. So it does not surprise me that it can make someone with a penis orgasm so quickly. It is basically a Magic Wand set to the extreme.

The rubber loop of the Slubb is very matte in texture. And you will want to use a considerable amount of lube during use. Seriously, this is very much a situation where if you do not use enough it could definitely cause injury. The rubber can easily chafe and drag along the skin of the penis if not properly lubricated. The edges are also not rounded or finished, so that also might cause irritations when using it on delicate areas. I did test it on a life-like dildo just to see how it would work on a penis. Even then, I had to use much more lube than I first thought I would need. More is correct in this particular situation.

Thankfully, when you do purchase the Slubb, it comes with two lubes. Both lubes are from Pulse, and you receive their water-based lubricant with chia along with their silicone-based lubricant with aloe + vitamin E. I did really like those, as they are small pump containers which make them very easy to use. 

There are only a few downsides when it comes to Slubb. First, the volume of the toy is intense. There is no hiding from your house or even others in your building from knowing you are using a power tool. It is not a toy that I would bring to a hotel or even a play party. Even in the lowest setting, this toy is not at all discreet. So that really limits the places you are able to use it.

Second, this toy is not a hand, wrist, or arm pain friendly. The Slubb is heavy, and turning it on will make it vibrate all the way up your arms. I found my arms getting tired after just a few moments of holding it to test on a few of my dildos. Also, I do not recommend trying to hold it with only one hand. This really is a two-hand situation for proper handling. Or a two-person situation so that one person can guide the Slubb, and the other can hold their member still for proper insertion.

Overall Thoughts

My thoughts on the Slubb overall are mixed at best. Do I think that this is a good casual, everyday-use toy? No. Not at all. This toy is a serious powerhouse and really only fits a niche of people in my opinion. But those who fit this demographic are going to enjoy it. I feel like if they make their wording more gender-neutral, it will open this up to a ton of users. Men are not the only people to have penises, and not all male doms have female submissives, just to name a few.

The Slubb is going to do exactly what you are expecting it to. It is a Magic Wand that has gotten some serious stat buffs. But be prepared for a heavy-duty item. If you do want something that is easier to handle, the Magic Wand is the next best option. 

You can purchase the Slubb in the US from their website for $235, which is about two times more than a standard oscillating tool. And when you consider this is just the tool with an extra attachment, it really feels like quite the price jump. But you are paying for something that is extremely heavy-duty, and if you can get enough uses out of it, it does pay for itself.

Thank you to Slubb for sending me this sponsored review. All writing and opinions are my own. 

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