Gender X Sunflower – Review

Gender X Sunflower – Review

Winter is still upon us, but I have arrived with a bright and sunny review: The Gender X Sunflower, sent to me by Betty’s Toy Box. This unique double-sided wand vibrator stands out with its bright yellow colour and sleek ridges. So let’s get into it! 

Gender X Sunflower Stats

The Gender X Sunflower is a double-ended mini wand and pinpoint vibrator in the Gender X line by NS Novelties. One side is a textured round head for broad rumble vibrations, while the other end is a slim oval shape for more targeted vibrations and shallow insertion. The two sides are held together by ABS plastic that has a metallic look to it.

Both motors are controlled separately via a 2-button control, with 10 speeds and vibration patterns for each. It is charged via a USB cord with a port, which makes the Sunflower completely submersible. 


  • Height: 7.87 inches
  • Depth: 1.81 inches
  • Width: 1.81 inches
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds

So What Did I Think?

The first impression I had of the Gender X Sunflower was that it’s smaller than my mind expected. I read the measurements, so I knew it would be small. But I think it was how light it is that surprised me. Though what little weight it does have is all in the wand head of the Sunflower

I immediately fell in love with the texture of the wand head. The gentle ridges were going to hopefully be great for grinding into. It also has a broad range of vibrations. The slimmer end made me think of it as a smaller bullet toy. The wand head would be better for targeting clitoral stimulation rather than insertable since that end also holds the buttons to control the vibration, which I could tell was going to likely be an issue during use. 

Wand End

I set out to test the wand end first, after finally figuring out which button controlled which end. I got it turned on and immediately felt the vibrations in my hand. There was not a single inch of the toy that wasn’t vibrating. But I soldiered on and began testing. It started out well. I could easily reach the button to adjust the speed. The shape of the head was small, but didn’t stop it from having a good vibration range. After turning it up to the highest speed, the wand started to make my hand ache, and the handle was starting to feel awkward in my hand as well. It was enough to ruin any chance that I was going to have to actually get to an orgasm. So I stopped and let it have a bit of a rest. 

Pinpoint End

Using the more pinpointed end was a different kind of trial. First there was the placement of the button to scroll through the settings. If I was using this for insertion I would have to pull it out every time I wanted to change the setting. And because my clit is set back in my labia, this was also true for using it in a pinpoint fashion. What made it worse was there was no comfortable way to hold on to the Sunflower X in this position. At all.

If you hold it cupping the wand end, not only are you covering your hand in vibrations, but it makes it unwieldy. It felt like I was poking my clit with a Sharpe. And the only way I could hold it on the rod was too kinda…pencil grip? It was strange. Later-me has done the work to take a picture so that you can see what I am talking about. Thank you, future Meg! 

But there’s just no way that this toy is going to be comfortable for anyone to use. It was an interesting concept on paper. But the execution of it was not great, and this one should go back to the drawing board for an upgrade. 

Overall Thoughts

The Gender X Sunflower is not a toy that I could honestly recommend to anyone. It is uncomfortable and poorly designed. Not every toy is going to be an instant classic and that is okay. You can check out other toys I have reviewed in my Toy Box, with a number of wands and pinpoint stimulators.

If you do not think that these things would be an issue for you, you can get your own Gender X Sunflower from Betty’s Toy Box for $69.99. Which also just feels like too high of a price for such a small and very simple wand.

Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Gender X Sunflower in exchange for this unbiased review. All writing and opinions are my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post, which goes towards running this blog. 

2 thoughts on “Gender X Sunflower – Review

  1. Gender X has some great toys, unfortunately this one misses the mark, which SUCKS coz it is so cute! The Powerhouse on the other hand… the name doesn’t lie

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