Nomi Tang Flex Bi – Review

Nomi Tang Flex Bi – Review

Rabbit vibrators have always been low on my list when it comes to what I want to use for pleasure. However, in recent years, that has changed with the changes that have come to those particular models. Flexibility, lower sounds, and different options for their second arms are all things that have drawn me to try more rabbits. So when Nomi Tang let me know about their newest dual stimulation Flex Bi, I was curious and needed to know more. 

Flex Bi Stats

The Flex Bi from Nomi Tang is a dual-motor rabbit vibrator with two flexible shafts. The longer shaft is for insertion, and the shorter shaft is for outside stimulation. The flexibility lets you stimulate your A-spot, G-spot, clitoris, and anus depending on how you shape and use the Flex Bi.

Covered fully in silicone in a seamless finish, the Flex Bi is waterproof and comes with a travel lock. Each motor can be turned on independently or at the same time, with 10 vibration patterns total between the two. The top button controls the longer insertion shaft, and the bottom button controls the shorter one. To turn them on/off, you have to hold down the button for a few seconds. Moving through patterns is just a simple click to rotate through. If you hold down both buttons at the same time, it will activate the travel lock. Hold down the buttons again at the same time to secure the travel lock again. Recharging via USB takes about 2.5 hours to charge, with about 50 minutes of playtime, depending on how high you run the motor. 


  • Length: 205mm
  • Width: 35mm
  • Insertable Length: 143mm
  • 233g (net weight) 

So, What Do I Think?

At first glance, the Flexi Bi seems like a very basic rabbit vibrator, and honestly, it really is. It’s actually what I liked the most about it. No extra bells or whistles, a simple shape, only one kind of stimulation. It’s just simple, and that has to be the thing I loved most about using the Flex Bi. 

Flex bit straightened

Now when it comes to how bendable each shaft is, I was pleasantly surprised with how much they did bend. Part of me was expecting them to be able to hold their position, which was a bit of a disappointment. However, the bendability became helpful once I had it actually in use. It allowed me to find a number of different combinations that I could use for different stimulation. So it is very versatile and allows different users to be able to find what they prefer the best. Personally, my two favorite ways to position the Flex Bi were: 

1. Simple insertion while the shorter shaft was positioned against my clit. The bending of the shaft allows for some amazing grinding action. 

2. Both motors going with the long one curled toward me so that I could still get clitoral stimulation while getting that perfect G-spot “come hither” motion with the longer shaft. 

Flex Bi Vibrations

Flex bi flexed inward

The vibrations of the Flex Bi are deep and rumbly in both shafts of the toy, though I did find that the pinpoint simulation arm grew buzzy at higher speeds. It wasn’t an uncomfortable amount that ever made me feel overstimulated or painful. Now the insertable arm, that one stayed rumbly no matter what setting or pattern it was set to. The rumble was comparable to some great rumbly wands that I have used in the past. At times, it really felt like I was using a wand inside to stimulate those areas like I had used an attachment for the head. 

Now you can choose to use the vibration settings at the same time or independently. You can also mix and match the speeds/patterns for your own personal needs. Personally, I liked letting them both go up gradually until they culminate in the highest setting, which even made my thighs vibrate with how deep the vibrations went. It made for a fantastic blended clitoral and g-spot orgasm that left me laid out for a good fifteen minutes afterward.

Flex Bi Downsides

Flex Bi flexed outward

When it came to any cons that I noticed while using the Flex Bi, only one really stood out to me, which was the ring handle. Normally, I am a fan of this design choice for handles of sex toys and a few of my favorites have them. The downside for the Flex Bi came in the size of the ring, which I found to be far too small to be effective. Normally the most comfortable way to hold a ring handle is by getting two or three fingers looped in the ring. For the Flex Bi, I was only really able to hook one finger in, and that was not enough leverage to allow the toy to move inside me. I could rock it and grind into it, but getting any sort of thrust was impossible even in a small movement. 

And this wasn’t even an issue of me having big hands. My hands are rather small, so I can only imagine that anyone with bigger hands might find that this is more of an issue for them as well. If the ring was even an inch or so bigger around, it would be perfect. Though I did find that a workaround for this was turning off the smaller arm and using that as my handhold for penetration.

Overall Thoughts

When it comes down to my overall feelings about the Flex Bi, it’s certainly a rabbit vibrator that I would suggest to many people. If you love deep rumbly vibrations and dual stimulation, this one is definitely for you. Just keep in mind the small ring handle or be okay with holding it cupped in your palm instead if you are going to use it. 
You can get the Flex Bi on Nomi Tang’s website for $89.90 (US), in both their lilac and dark pink color.

Thank you to Nomi Tang for sending the Flexi Bi to me for review. All thoughts, opinions, and writing are my own.

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