Review: American Ruin Leather Straps

Review: American Ruin Leather Straps

As I stated in my start-of-the-year post, I wanted to work more with smaller makers this year. And it didn’t take long to line up my first! It was so exciting to have American Ruin come to me about reviewing some of their wonderful leather goods. American Ruin, as they say on their Etsy page, makes ‘Handmade Leather Goods, Original Creepy Art & Oddities’. Not only can you get a one-of-a-kind BDSM toy, they’re also open to making custom work as well. So let us talk about just some of what they offer! 

Top Mini Strap, Bottom full-sized leather paddle

American Ruin Leather Straps Stats

I was sent both a full-sized leather paddle strap and a mini strap as well. Each one is handmade by American Ruin

The full-sized leather paddle strap is 15 inches in length and 2 inches in width, including the braided handle. That particular size comes in various options, but mine came in a very deep oxblood red color. The handle of the leather paddle is nice and firm, while the paddle end is extremely fluid in its ability to move. The end of the braided handle has the ends of the leather braid coming out. This can be tied off into a knot at whatever size you need for storage or to create a hold for your wrist while using the strap. 

The mini strap is incredibly simple in design. It is a looped piece of slightly thicker leather, finished off with a rivet to hold it in place. It is 13 inches in length and 1 inch in width. Compared to the full size, it is much stiffer as the leather will stand up on its own, instead of flopping over. 

Both straps can be personalized with up to 10 stamps, allowing you to choose various phrases that you can put on the leather. 

So What Did I Think?

First I wanted to talk about how much I love that these paddles are so simple in design. Yes, I do love an aesthetic look in a toy. But there is just something about the loop of leather that makes my toes curl happily. It just has such a classic kink/BDSM feeling to them and I adore looking at both displayed on my wall. 

Now as for how they both feel in use, that is just as wonderful. The full-sized strap has quite a sting to it due to how flexible it is. But when used gently along the skin, it highlights how soft and supple the chosen leather is. The smaller one, due to the slight stiffness of the leather, had a sharp sort of thuddy feeling but leaned more towards sharp. 

Both toys are obviously great for playing with a partner. But as a current solo player, I really enjoyed the smaller strap. The size and shape of it made it easy to control and use all on my own. Which I love because sometimes you don’t have a partner who can lend a helping hand for impact play. 

Overall Thoughts

American Ruin makes some lovely leather goods, and I am so glad I got a chance to try them out as well as add them to my collection of impact toys. Not only are they simple in their make, they honestly won’t break your wallet.

You can get your leather goods from American Ruin! The Leather Paddle Strap is $69, and the Mini Paddle Strap is $25. 

Also if you are in California, check out their brick-and-mortar shop! 433 E Main St, Downtown Ventura, CA 93001
Thank you to American Ruin for sending me these lovely leather straps in exchange for this unbiased review!

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