Nomi Tang Pocket Wand – Review

Nomi Tang Pocket Wand – Review

We all know that I love wands; I believe that no matter their size, there is a wand out there for everyone. So I know that someone is going to love this next review as it is the smallest wand I have ever reviewed. Prior to this, the smallest wand I had was the Fairy Baby, which is now discontinued from what I can find. But the Nomi Tang Pocket Wand outdoes that one for sure. 

Pocket Wand Stats

Nomi Tang’s Pocket Wand is a compact wand vibrator that is the perfect companion for anywhere you might go. The Pocket Wand is fully made of silicone and built around a powerful motor. It provides powerful and deep rumbling vibrations, with 3 vibration settings from low to high and 4 different vibration modes. The control is through a single button on the handle of the wand. It comes with two different attachments for G-spot stimulation and pinpoint stimulation. Though it can be used all over the body wherever you might need it. 

The Pocket Wand comes with an eco-friendly reusable toy bag for easy storage, two attachments, and a USB charge cable. It is waterproof with a 1.5-hour charge time and 2 hours of playtime. 


  • Height: 210mm 
  • Width: 38mm 
  • Depth: 110mm
  • Weight: 97.6g
Pocket Wand, attachments, and bag

So What Do I Think

This wand is truly the most adorable that I have had a chance to own. It may not be the smallest, but it is definitely the cutest. It fits rather easily in the hand and the silicone has a velvet softness to it. The small ridges on the handle are good for keeping a grip when your hand might be just a little more lubricated than normal. This is one toy where a little does seem to go a long way because there just isn’t a lot of surface area. So really you can use what amount you most enjoy.

Now when it comes to the vibrations of this wand, they are rumbly and surprisingly deep. Even as you move towards the highest setting, it never really becomes buzzy at all. The vibrations only deepen. It reminded me very much of a standard Magic Wand with how deep the vibrations could go. Though because the head is so small, the amount of area it can stimulate is going to be small. So even from the start, I couldn’t quite let myself touch anything too sensitive to start with. 

This led me to experiment with cloth in the way first so that I could build myself up to any direct stimulation. This turned out to be the correct thing to do, and what brought the most pleasure. I highly recommend trying it with different fabric types between you and the wand to see what feels best to you. I personally enjoyed a fabric with a satin texture as the wand was able to move smoothly over it. In contrast, cotton-like fabrics had just a little bit of drag. 

Pocket Wand Attachments

Along with the Pocket Wand, you also get two attachments for diffusing the vibrations in different ways. One is a two-pronged flickering attachment and the other is a small insertable attachment meant for g-spot stimulation. 

The two-pronged attachment is meant to let something rest between them so they flutter on either side. This one can easily be used all over the body. It dampens the vibrations just a little bit, so it feels more like a tease as you work up in speed or switch to different pattern settings.

Whereas the g-spot attachment was honestly just too small for me to really get any good use from it. It also didn’t help that while the neck is super flexible, this means you really cannot get any good pressure from pressing downward as it will just bend backward instead. I personally used it as an extension for clitoral stimulation, but because it dampens the vibrations a lot, it was more a warm-up than a get-me-off. 

Other Uses

Now, because this wand is so small, you would think that it could only have a single function. Not so! I assure you, there is much more the Pocket Wand can accomplish. Not only did it make for a great sex toy, but I also found daily uses for it as well.

The first is for daily skin care and modifying my routine there. In the morning, my face tends to be rather puffy. This happens a lot under my eyes, so after placing some of my eye creams on, I would set the Pocket Wand to the lowest setting and slowly work the cream into my skin by rubbing the wand over the area. This allowed for less redness under my eyes in the morning. It also had the extra benefit of massaging my sinuses, so any soreness from allergies in the morning is also dealt with. You could also use your favorite face oil as well if you want to use the wand all over. It really works super well. 

As a writer and someone who works an office job, I use my hands on a keyboard a lot. And while I do take precautions, the hand pain does flair up, especially now that we are getting into the colder months. I found an application of the Pocket Wand along the hand muscles worked much better than using a large or even medium-sized wand. Like using it as a sex toy, it is pinpoint. So it gets those smaller muscles easily and allows you to work some of the pain down to a more manageable sensation. Personally, the point where I get a lot of pain is the meat of my thumb, and the Pocket Wand fits perfectly on that muscle to work out all the stress without any pressure. 

On The Go

Because the Pocket Wand is such a small size, it is perfect for travel and on-the-go situations.  You can fit not only the wand but all of its accessories in the pouch that they provide. So it can fit in almost any bag without having the contents get everywhere. Even if you didn’t want to bring everything with you, it could still fit easily into a standard pocket without anyone ever even knowing. Though it does not have a lock system, it still takes holding down the main button for about three seconds before it will turn on. So no need to worry about an awkward moment with your carry-on or luggage. 

Overall Thoughts

The Pocket Wand by Nomi Tang is a cute vibrator. Would I personally use it for travel? No, as I need a wand with a little more grip and stiffness in the neck. Will I still use it? Yes, because it is really good at being an all-over body massager rather than a sex toy for me. I am also certain that there is someone who will love this toy for all that it is. 

You can get the Pocket Wand from Nomi Tang on their website for $39.90 in three different colors: Black, lilac, and hot pink.

Thank you Nomi Tang for sending me this toy to review. All writing and opinions are my own. If you would like me to review a product of yours, check out my Work With Me page.

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