Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers

Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers

As someone who has been blogging for a decade, I have seen the rise of sex toy review blogs grow steadily. I have tried since the start of my blogging career to stay ethical and inclusive in the choices that I make with my writing. Though this can not be said for all blogs that are out there. From using gendered language to taking underhanded means to raise their ranks on search engines. These blogs pump out reviews that are often written to sell the toy quickly, rather than give an honest opinion. Often blogs like my own, get lost in the rankings under these questionable blogs. But that is where the Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers comes in!

Who is The Alliance?

The Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers is a growing group of sex toy bloggers that know, trust, and hold each other accountable. Everyone on the list is an independent blogger in our own right. Sharing a network and code of conduct to uphold with each blog on the list.

Standards Upheld By Each Blog (in both Blog and Social Media): 

  • All products recommended are body-safe.
  • All shops recommended are safe.
  • Respect the diversity of gender and don’t gender sex toys as “male” or “female.”
  • Written by people who are passionate about the subjects they cover, not by people who are only trying to make money. Many of us make some money but it isn’t the main reason we write.
  • Bloggers in our alliance show honesty and authenticity in their reviews.
  • Writers of the blogs in our alliance can demonstrate that they genuinely own ALL the products that they review and recommend.
  • Bloggers are genuinely knowledgeable in their subjects. They don’t copy their content from elsewhere or “regurgitate” external content.
  • No blogs in the alliance contain discrimination, hate or material indented to shame/exclude.
  • No blogs in the alliance use questionable, unethical or uncompetitive methods to build links and advertise their website. In short — we are genuine bloggers.
  • There is a preference that the blogs have been up for at least 1 year and have at least 16 reviews published.

Standards last updated Oct 10, 2021

The Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers List

Last updated October 24 2021. Provided in alphabetical order.

  9. LoveIsAFetish.Com

Want to Join Us?

The Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers is a democratic system. Each blogger votes anonymously on who can join and who has to leave.

Want to join and your blog fits the requirements? Contact someone on the Alliance list. Your blog will be put up to an anonymous group vote. Your acceptance or decline is based on a majority vote. If you do not hear back, please follow up with who you contacted. As this is in the beginning stages, things are still getting organized.

 Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers
Alliance of Independent Sex Toy Testers

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