Welcome! I am Meg, freelance writer, sex blogger, and witch!

I started blogging in November 2012 at Fox in the Flowers, it was an up and down blog that I tried my best to keep up with as I attempted to navigate an abusive relationship and a life that I was not able to find any passion in. It was on that blog I was able to find not only my way out of that relationship but start the journey to get to where I am now.

For me reviewing toys was not enough. Through my blog, I started to find my voice and what I was really passionate about. A voice so that I  could share my experiences not only with reviewing sex toys but with things like kink and relationships. But I knew that I couldn’t do it while still tied to the old blog and thus Witch of the Wands was born.

Why Witch of the Wands?

For me, sex is magical. Through my writing, it opened up not only a door to figuring things about my own pleasure and sexuality. Leading the way for my own spiritual practices to evolve through it. They became a little tangled together you see. This is not me saying that all sex is a spiritual experience for me. Just that parts intersect really.

My blog is my journey as I start to explore and learn as I dive headfirst into all of this. I am not sure what path it will go, but that is part of the fun isn’t it?

Okay but what about you?

In my personal life, I identify in many ways. Non-Binary Demigirl, Queer (Demisexual/Panromantic), Submissive,  Kinky, Polyamorous, Witch/Magical Girl, and Geek.  I live in a Polyam Household with 8 other people all. The house is only part of a larger Polyam Family that I am apart of. My own personal polycule is small. My extended one is pretty much a galaxy.

I have a lot of love for Pop Culture of many genres, mediums, and fandoms. From music to anime I have made reference to in my writing. It has been an outlet for me to be able in my life to get through some of my tougher times. From exploring parts of my sexuality I may not have without a small push, shaping parts of my beliefs, and giving me a quirky sense of humor.


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