Oceanside Orgasm – Review

Oceanside Orgasm – Review

It may be the cold of winter as this review is going up, but I am thinking of warmer weather already. It’s been so long since I have been to the ocean that I decided to bring it to me with the Oceanside Orgasm from CalExotic. It is from the same line as California Dreaming West Coast Wave Rider, so it certainly had some potential. Let’s get into it and see what I thought in the end. 

Oceanside Orgasm Stats

The Oceanside Orgasm by CalExotics is a dual-stimulation rabbit vibrator with one arm for vibrating and the other arm for suction. The vibration arm is made of graduated bulbs that are a simple texture for insertion. It has three vibration speeds that go from low to high. On the other hand, the suction arm is meant for clitoral stimulation and has 10 different levels. The controls for both are independent so you can choose how you want to use them, be it on their own or together. You can control the toy with the easy-touch, 3-button control pad and security lock feature. 

It is made from a mixture of silicone for most of the body but does sport some metallic plating ABS plastic. It comes with a USB charge cable, a seamless body, and a self-sealing charging port. This does allow for use both in the tub and shower. And with a charge time of 2.5 hours, you get a little over two hours of playtime. The Oceanside Orgasm also comes with a memory chip to leave off the last settings that you were using. 


  • Shaft Length: 4.75 inches
  • Shaft Width: 1.25 inches
  • Stimulator Length: 2.25 inches
  • Stimulator Width: 1 inch

So What Did I Think?

Oceanside Orgasm suction arm

When I looked at the Oceanside Orgasm, I was truly intrigued by a rabbit toy that had an arm for clitoral stimulation rather than additional vibration. It was different from the rabbits that I have reviewed before on the blog. The graduated bulbs looked like just the right amount of texture for me to enjoy internally. And I adore suction toys, so it really seemed like this would be something right up my alley.

Until it turned out to not even be in my zip code.

On first getting the toy out and charged up, I was immediately underwhelmed by the suction arm. It truly did not feel like it was doing anything, especially when I compared it to the Dame Aer or the Roselia. Even after going all the way to the highest speed, I personally barely felt even a tickle on my skin. Though the vibration arm of the Oceanside Orgasm was deep and rumbly, so that was an upside.

Oceanside Orgasm In Use

Once I was able to navigate the travel locks, turning on the vibrator was a breeze. I found clicking through the various options to be easy to access even when my hands were lubed up. So I decided to try the vibration arm first, which is when I learned very quickly that this toy was not designed for my body at all.

The arm that held the suction element kept bumping up against my labia over and over. It curled inward on itself, stopping me from going any deeper than about three bulbs in with the insertable arm. So I tried to reposition the suction arm so that it would actually go against my clit. However, because my clit is set back inside my flesh where my labia/fupa is, the rounded shape couldn’t quite get as far back as was needed without stretching the skin in a very uncomfortable way. This was still a no-go even with the addition of more lubrication. And I couldn’t continue to actually move the insertable arm without losing any connection I had with the suction arm. Thus, leading me to have to readjust it with every movement I made.

All of that, on top of feeling absolutely nothing as far as suction went, left me frustrated, to say the very least.

All that Aside

This was one hundred percent a case of my body not being the target audience when this toy was made. It is very clear this was made with slender bodies in mind. Which is sad because the concept is great. So if you are someone of a smaller build with easier access to your clitoris, this could be for you.

Just another case of really having to do your research when it comes to finding toys that fit your body type. And also that retailers should really consider all shapes and abilities when creating their toy designs. 

Overall Thoughts

I really wanted to enjoy the Oceanside Orgasm from CalExotics. But sadly, it is not meant to be. I would suggest checking out more reviews if you can find them to find one that fits your body type.

You can get the Oceanside Orgasm for $109.99 at Betty’s Toy Box.

Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me this toy in exchange for my review. All writing and opinions are my own. 

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