Hand and Wrist Pain: Navigating Sex Toys Through My Own Trials

Hand and Wrist Pain: Navigating Sex Toys Through My Own Trials

Over the last few years, I’ve added a new angle to my reviews: how the toy works with my hands and wrists. I talk about this a lot on my social media too. Due to wear and tear, injuries, and just getting older, I often find myself dealing with a lot of hand and wrist pain. This is especially true when I’m testing sex toys.

A big part of the issue comes from vibrators and anything that’s meant to be insertable. The intense vibrations quickly make my hand cramp up and go numb. For insertable toys, the repetitive motions aggravate my wrists. Holding dildos by the base often makes my hands tired quickly. These factors affect what I guess is more than half the sex toys out there, making it hard for me to honestly review many of them.

So, I’ve decided to switch things up in how and what I’m going to review from now on. It’s not just for my own self-care and to avoid further injury. It’s also for others who might read my reviews and need to consider their own hand pain. If I can help folks avoid wasting money on a toy they can’t use, I want to be that kind of hero.

Switching Gears

From here on out, there is going to be a lot of trial and error that come from trying to find things that are going to mesh well with my issues, rather than irritate the hand and wrist pain into becoming worse. This first comes to narrowing down the types of toys I would first feel comfortable with. Thankfully, already have a couple of things to go off of.

Suction/Air Pressure

With this category of toys, I already know they’re gonna get the job done. It’s what I’ve been using these last few months, and the Satisfyer Pro 2, in particular, has been great. The handle and buttons are super easy to use.

An air pressure or suction toy, means that I don’t find myself needing to move it too much, as the stimulation is meant to be focused. Making it just a matter of holding it steady, which is easy when it has no buzzing vibration traveling up the handle. At most, the biggest thing I have to take into account is switching intensity levels. And it allows me to take things into the higher settings because I know I am not going to tire out my whole hand in the process.


Toys that can thrust on their own, saves my wrist from the repetitive motion in order to do the same. It is also a category that is broad. Being that, you can find those that are hand held to hands free. As small as your average vibrator, or as large as a full on sex machine. And of course some are just basic with the single function, while others have added on functions to cover other things. So there is a lot to try in this particular case.

Though, with the add-ons, still comes the chance that the vibrations or other things may cause an issue. They are, however, ones that I have to weed out slowly from one another to really cover which is best.

Furniture and Accessories

Another broad category, that has its narrow times. Broad because there are so many different shapes and sizes. Such as Toy mounts, versatile accessories, or furniture used to achieve different positions. There is a large variety, which can be great. However, this becomes narrowed down based on body shape, weight, and other factors.

Many mounts and furniture has their weight limits that they work best with. Meaning that should you go over those thresholds, they may not work as well as they could for someone else. And what is worse, many times that is not something a company lists. Making it slightly troublesome when you think something is going to be great. Only to have it underperform because the creators weren’t taking into account larger bodies.

These three are only scraping the top of what I could be able to use. I am not writing off things enjoy most such as wands, dildos, and your basic vibrators. However, I will be looking for particular specifications that they will need to fit in order to be in consideration. Because often some of my big favorites from years past, absolutely do not fit the criteria that I need to keep in mind now. Getting comfort for hand and wrist pain is the ultimate goal. And I do plan to start with what I already own, so that I can start to make lists for ease of reference.

This change is going to be a lot of work, igniting the passion for reviewing once more, which alone makes any future research and testing worth it. I can only hope that, at some point, it helps others and that my readers enjoy it.

Do you have any suggestions when it comes to toys, furniture, or accessories that I should look into? They could be ones that you are familiar with, or even ones that have piqued your curiosity. Please share them with me down in the comments so that I can check them out!

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