Guide: Using Sex Toys During Your Period

Guide: Using Sex Toys During Your Period

Googling ‘masturbation during your period‘ it is easy to find many articles that say it is 100% safe to do. In fact, they all recommend it! Endorphins that happen during masturbation can help deal with pain from cramps or even a bad PMS day. The other thing they all agree on in that it can get messy.

So what about sex toy use?


First, let’s talk body safe materials. Silicone, metal, and glass are going to be the top three types of material you should go for. These not only cannot be cleaned easily, they can also be sterilized easily as well.

If it isn’t body safe, anything that is a porous material, even if you use a condom over it will likely get some lingering blood. While your blood isn’t dirty, if you don’t clean it up properly you are going to have issues with bacteria and other toxins later. It is why things like menstrual cups are made out of body safe materials as well. For proper cleaning. 

Another thing is that when it comes to toys I try to stick with ones that have simple shapes to them. Nothing with too many grooves or texture, as I have found those can be rather annoying to clean later to make sure that you have gotten things out of every little nook.

To Insert or Not?

This is a preference depending on your personal needs. Personally, it varies with me, sometimes I just need the direct clitoral stimulation and other times I need both.

Though, either way, you want to make sure that if you do use tampons during your period to remove them. You can always insert a fresh one after. This is again, like with the toy so that no bacterial build up happens. It also is good, because you don’t want your tampon and string to be pushed up further into your body where it could find itself stuck.

What about the mess?

The mess is going to happen, there are a few easy ways that it can be handled outside of just keeping the toys clean. No one wants to have to do a ton of laundry or change the sheets quickly after play.

  • A Towel

Throw it on the bed and when you are done you can throw it in the wash or hamper. Some choose to have a towel that is designated for this task on its own. Dark towels are also good to use during this time because you don’t see any of blood.

  • A Throe

Throes are made out of material that is meant to wick moisture from various bodily fluids and keep only that fabric from absorbing into it. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, so it can easily fit into whatever decor you might have.

  • Tub/Shower

Using a toy that is waterproof? The shower is perfect, clean up is quick. Sterilization can happen later, as the hot water and soap will clean all body-safe toys. Plus if you are the kind of person who likes showers and/or baths during your period this is perfect. This is of course because the heat from the water can help with pain. 

Really, in the end, it comes down to finding what is right and works for you.  I can only hope that the small bit of information I have put together helps you in making whatever decision that you ultimately choose!

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