Guide: Gag Safety and Use

Guide: Gag Safety and Use

Gags are something that I have always enjoyed when it comes to kink. They are one of the first accessories I really got into. There is so much about them to really enjoy if you get into them. 

However, like any BDSM accessory you want to know how to use it safely. While I am mentioned ball gags the most here, these are things that can be remembered with all gags. Check out my guide to the different type of gags for more information. 

What is a Gag?

Gags are made for gagging and muffling another person from having the ability to speak clearly. The gag is put into the mouth, blocking movement of the jaw. There are gags that are made to give access to the mouth. Even ones allowing other duties to be performed. 

They provide a full feeling for the person wearing it as they fill up the mouth nicely. However, because of their large size, many people’s jaws can tire quicker then they would with other gags. So it pays to take the time and do the research on the gags you plan to get. Find out measurements to make sure it is going to be comfortable but still do what it is that you want from your gag.

Also, keep in mind fabrics being used in the construction of the gag. I find that leather and suede tend to bite less into the skin they say one made with rubber straps. A ball made from silicone is best because you can easily clean it. Hard plastic ball gags have the worry that you may chip a tooth if you are biting down too hard on it. Rubber, while it does have given you do need to be careful in using because of chemicals that rubber can contain like phthalates. Which you really don’t want in your mouth. 

But what about safewords?

Safe words are an important part of scenes and play in BDSM, it allows both sides to control what is going on and let their partner know if something is wrong. Seeming you cannot be heard at least not very well, trying to use your safe word when you have a ball gag in your mouth is hard or unusable. So what is one to do instead so that they are able to inform their Dom/Top that they need to stop.

Of course, these are not all of the ways that you can do this, always goes what works best for you and your partner.

An Object in the Hand – Holding a ball you can drop, a bell you can ring, or any other object that brings attention to itself.

Repeated Movement – Such as opening and closing your hands. Snapping your fingers. Moving the head up and down.

Repeated Sound – Making a number of rhythmic grunts or other pre-defined noises that can be made clear with the gag in place.

Check-in – Having your Dom/Top check in with you either verbally. Nonverbal placing a finger in the Sub/Bottoms hand to squeeze.

Clear Breathing

Gags will interfere with breathing. You never want to leave a gagged play partner unattended for longer than a few moments. Vented ball gags made with wiffle balls can be much safer than solid balls. Though they can be harder to clean and sanitize due to getting saliva on the ball itself. I also recommend gags that just hold the mouth open with nothing to get in their way. 

The gag reflex at times is triggered, depending on how the gag may sit in the mouth. In this situation, it is wise to remove the gag immediately.  If they where to still be gagged when vomiting it could be fatal.


This comes from personal experience.  The best positions when using a gag are when you are in an upright position from at least the torso up. 

Another that works rather well is having your face pointing down in some fashion. This allows for any saliva build up to be able to move in a way that isn’t back down the throat. This can sometimes lead to more gagging than intended.

But again, find what works for you and your partner during play. My words are of course never the end all be all when it comes to rules.

Don’t forget your Jaw!

If you have any jaw injuries it can make wearing a ball gag slightly uncomfortable. You don’t have to avoid it, but you do what to modify your play slightly.

When starting out, try keeping your gag use timed staying between 10 and 20 minutes. This allows muscles to work up strength and familiarity with the feeling. Muscles can become fatigued, and less resilient while playing. As soon as it becomes too painful, take it out. As you become more experienced with gags you can certainly wear them for longer periods of time. But remember, using gags too often can actually injure your jaw.

Find What Works

Not all kinds of gags are going to work for different people and different mouths, some people may only be okay with ball gags while others might prefer something simple like a tied gag instead. There are so many different options out there and it is worth a look to see what works for you. 

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