Review: Zumio S

Review: Zumio S

It has been a few years since I reviewed the Zumio when it first came out. Now known as the Zumio X to differentiate it from the other two models they now have. My clit at the time was very picky the tiny tip almost too pinpoint, which was a first for me. But then I saw the Zumio S and saw hope for redemption with my clit. So let’s start with a break-down on what makes the Zumio S different!

Zumio S

The all-over design of the Zumio S is fairly the same. Both have 8 different speeds. Both settle into a stand-up charger appliance. Batteries on both take 16 hours to charge from low battery to full charge. The battery is charged while inside the appliance. The usage time from a full charge is about 4 hours. They also both use the same SpiroTIP™ whirling motion which makes tiny circles rather than go back and forth.

Top: Zumio X

Bottom: Zumio S
Top: Zumio X
Bottom: Zumio S

Though it is right at the tip that the difference is noticeable. Whereas the Zumio X has a long slender neck, the Zumio S is rather stout. The tip also has a layer of clear silicone on it, making the tip broader than the X. This makes the tip much softer as it vibrates. Another difference is with the Zumio S when you apply pressure the vibrations deepen and become less intense. Whereas the Zumio X the vibrations are very intense and if you apply pressure they just stop.

Another very small difference is that it comes with a small cover to sit on top when not in use. This is perfect for keeping the silicone tip clear of any dust. Or for travel to just keep it safe in your luggage.

So What Did I Think?

Normally this is where I would have a lead up to my feelings. But in reality, my mind was blown. The experience I have had with my Zumio S has totally changed my feelings on this style of pinpoint vibration. The change in the tip and its changes when pressure is applied made for a perfect harmony against my clit. With the Zumio X I could never seem to get above the first few levels of vibration. But with the Zumio S, I was able to reach all the way to 8. The lower settings perfect for allowing my orgasm to build and grow. Playing with where I want the sensation and pressure.

Tip of the Zumio S with multicolored paper stars in the background.
Close Up Of Zumio S Tip

And with that, I learned that with the Zumio S settled right above my clit is all it takes for me to be able to ejaculate. It actually surprised me when it happened the first time because I was not expecting it at all. It was the kind of intense orgasm that left me shaking.

The only thing I wish for the Zumio S, is if the controls were further back or just a little more raised. Due to having a fleshy mound. That part tends to get covered. Getting the controls rather wet and hard to change unless I pull the toy away. Which sometimes caused accidental edging for me. It wasn’t a deal-breaker though as I have still used it almost every night since I first used it.

Overall Thoughts

I am really glad that I was able to get a second chance with Zumio! It really goes to show not only how a style of vibrator can grow and change. The Zumio S is by far one of my favorite vibrators this year and I am certain it is going to keep a spot on my bedside table. I also feel like it is a great perk that it comes in under $100 at only $98. Especially with how well it performs.

If you want to get your own or check out which Zumio would work for you. Check out my affiliate links below for which of your favorite shops carry them!

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