Review: Zumio X

Review: Zumio X

When it comes to vibrators for clitoral stimulation, my collection is very simple. One could even go so far as to call it traditional. The simple shapes with the bullet top or perhaps that angled lipstick look. So when the Zumio came into my life, it was already different. The very small rounded tip made me think of the water pick in the bathroom right away. It had a slight bit of a charge when I unpacked it the first time, so I turned it on. My shock at the sudden buzzy vibrations made me think it was left on a higher setting for some reason? I could barely touch it to my nose without quickly pulling it away.

What was this going to do to my clit? Could it make me orgasm as fast as they say? Did I need to keep a gag on hand when I tested it? Just so many questions from one toy.

Come in 60 Seconds, More like Waiting to Get Off

The first time I used the Zumio, it felt like days after it had finally charged enough. You see, with great power comes long charge times I have found. The anticipation for a new sensation, however, was still there when I picked it up. I first tried it on my labia and against my skin. Because my pubic mound has a lot of flesh, I was worried it would muffle the vibrations. One of my tricks to that is to trick my nerve endings. Warm up the whole area before going for my clit. With the very pinpoint tip, it took far longer. So the 60 seconds trick they had in the booklet was not going to work for me.1 That was fine, I had the feeling it would not because of my body.

Then the moment I had been waiting for, direct contact with my clit. Because of the hard plastic tip, I was using a generous amount of lube. However, while I will not say that it did nothing, it might as well have. The Zumio on its first set was like nothing I had ever felt. I tried to withstand it, but there was no way I could make myself hold it there long enough.

If At First

Now I could have stopped there, said that there was no way this could get me off. Be done. But I had some pleasurable moments during my warm-up with the Zumio. So maybe, just maybe. I could figure out how I could orgasm with this toy a way that was pleasurable to me.

I knew direct contact was not going to work, but the clitoris is of course just not the small nub of flesh we can see. With the way my body works, I have a bit of flesh around my clit. Often these spots tend to be covered when I vibrators for clitoral stimulation. The vibrations not focused but a broad stroke. I remembered how it felt rather good to run the Zumio over those spots. Perhaps I just needed to find the right spot. It was almost like playing an fascinating game of ‘Hot/Cold’ but with my orgasm. The issue with this, I went through the charge about 3 times before finding the correct spot. Yup 3 times with a 75-min charge, my clit is hella picky when it came to this toy.

Finally, however, I found it. Taking the tip of the Zumio and setting it so it sits back on the top of my clit was the spot. At first, it was almost too intense because it was so close to the tip. I had to find just the right spot along what really is just a thin ridge of flesh. When I did, however, the orgasm that I did have was intense. It was like hitting just the right spot on a tuning fork to make the perfect frequency. So much so that it gave me a couple in a row without having to pull the toy away at any time in-between. But then I was spent, the orgasm so quick and intense at that point that I really could not do anything else.

Final Thoughts on the Zumio

Overall, the Zumio is certainly an interesting and innovative toy. I would not say it is one I will go back too often. While I know the trick to get me off it almost is too easy once it happens. Though if I was say doing forced orgasms or edging/denial play this would be a toy I would reach for. So it certainly is a toy that I would consider for kink reasons.  It is not an everyday toy, but more of a once in a while type deal for me. When I want that pinpoint sensation I need something with a broader or softer head to really enjoy it. But if you can handle the intensity or really like super pinpoint accuracy this should work rather well for you.

  1. Their website has removed any reference to this as well since the time I got the toy, so perhaps that is not a thing any longer.

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