Review: Rainbow Unicorn Tail Plug

Review: Rainbow Unicorn Tail Plug

Anal play is always fun, from things that sparkle to things that vibrate. Though my favorites are always tails! Perfect for showing off a bit of a wild side or those who might be looking to get into pony play. The Rainbow Unicorn Tail Plug is a colorful anal plug by XR Brands. And I was very excited when Betty’s Toy Box offered a chance to review it.

The plug section of the Rainbow Unicorn Tail Plug.
The plug section of the Rainbow Unicorn Tail Plug.

Rainbow Unicorn Tail Plug

Made by XR Brands, the Rainbow Unicorn Tail Anal Plug is a colorful silicone butt plug with a long faux fur tail. The plug itself comes in at 4.40 inches and the base/tail gives you 20 inches of length. The width of the plug is just a little over an inch around with a slightly tapered tip for insertion. The neck of the plug before the base then goes down to under an inch before flaring out again.

To care for the plug, you want to treat both sides differently. While the silicone plug part can be wiped down with a bleach solution or soap/hot water. Also, you want to make sure you are using compatible with water-based or oil-based lubricants only. For the tail you want to only clean it when necessary, using gentle shampoo and conditioner only when necessary, heat styling not recommended. Treat it as you would any synthetic wig. My personal suggestion is to also braid the tail between uses to keep it from tangling into a mess.

Rainbow Unicorn Tail Plug braided for storage.
Rainbow Unicorn Tail Plug, braided for storage while not in use.

But What Did I Think?

For me, the Rainbow Unicorn Tail Anal Plug is a very fun plug! The whimsical coloring of both the plug and the tail stand out among basic plugs. While the tail is long enough to come down to just about the back of my knees. The long tail also has just a bit of bounce to the curls, so it moves with your body as you wear it. Just wiggling my butt to feel the swish of the tail made me giggle as I wore it. So as far as the aesthetics of the plug, those are wonderful.

The tail of the Rainbow Unicorn Tail Plug.

Wearing the plug is a little different. This for me was not a long term wearing a plug. The neck while smaller than the top of the plug and base, is still rather thick. So you can feel it as you move, sit, or stand as the silicone is very firm. Compared to other plugs were the neck is thinner or curved so that your ass can relax around it. It has a slight squish but not enough for me to have a feeling of it being secure inside of me for a long period of time. But the plug does give a great feeling of fullness during use. And I love how the base sits comfortable enough to settle between your cheeks. Also, the shape is perfect for making it safe for use with its broad shape. I would be gentle with the tail not pulling it too hard or too far from the base if you use it like that. Just to make sure the tail stays secure.

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for a fun, body-safe tail plug that is not glass this is a great addition to your toy box. The Rainbow Unicorn Tail Plug by XR Brands also has a great price point at $32.991 at Betty’s Toy Box. Which is great for anyone who has a budget to consider.

Thank you again to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Rainbow Unicorn Tail Plug in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links that help to maintain this blog.

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