Review: Wand by We-Vibe Body Massager

Review: Wand by We-Vibe Body Massager

Note: At this time, this toy has been discontinued by We-Vibe and is sold out everywhere.

We-Vibe has stepped up to the plate in the game of wand vibrators, with the aptly named Wand by We-Vibe. Given my nom de plume as Witch of the Wands, I had to take a chance and see just how their wand stood up to the test!

While I did receive the Wand at the start of the year. It has taken me this long to get my thoughts sorted out and the testing is done. As I wanted to give it thorough testing. How it balanced out against other wands with not only the same power but the same ideas with their designs. I tested it against just about every Wand that I use with frequency.

So settle in, this one is going to be a little long!

About the Wand

The Wand is a silicone waterproof body massager. Not only is it cordless, you can also control it via We-Vibes We-Connect App. From the head to the end of the handle it comes in at 12″ (309 mm) inches long. The head is 2″ (50 mm) in width and the handle has about 3.14″ (80 mm). The handle itself has not only a little bit of an angle for ease of holding. But you will find a textured bit of the silicone near the top of the handle. Great for getting a strong grip. While the bulb-like end of the handle allows for more reach.

It also comes with two silicone attachments that can fit around the head of the Wand. The first being the flutter attachment, which is meant for focused vibration and a fluttery sensation. As well as the Stroker Attachment, which is meant to be used on a penis. They attach by lining up with the small swish that is set into the head of the wand. The head of the Wand is also a universal shape, so you can use any attachment you may already own.

The Wand controls

The Wand by We-Vibe has three controls. There’s a round button for turning it on and off and connecting it to the We-Connect app. The button for initiating and going through the Wand’s optional pattern settings. Which is marked by a squiggle icon. They are between the joystick and in a sort of divot.

Then we have the power joystick, which controls the intensity of the steady speed/pattern. Clicking it repeatedly to increase/decrease the power. Or take hold it down/up until it hits your preferred speed.

This Wand has so much tech!

Finally, one of the things that set the Wand apart from other wands. Is the Smart Silence™ technology it uses. Meaning that the wand can sense when the head is touching skin. Only then will it start the vibration! This feature can be turned off in two ways

  1. Download the We-Connect app. Ask the app to connect to a toy via Bluetooth, and hold the Wand’s power button until it pairs. Click “Wand” in the bottom left, and toggle off Smart Silence. You may find you have to check it each time you use it. So keep an eye out.
  2. When the Wand on, hold down the patterns button for a few seconds and it turns off.

Also with the We-Connect App, You can chat with a partner via text or video. You can see the visuals of the vibration patterns and adjust their intensity. Though I found that how sensitive the adjustments were was no different than changing it via the controls on the Wand itself. You can also check how much charge the Wand still has left. The app allows for long-distance control. So even if your partner is in another state it will work.

But wait! There is more!

To charge the We-Vibe Wand plug one end into a USB port and the other end can then be connected to the magnetic plates on the toy. The connection strength is actually rather wonderful. It stayed connected even when moving it around or if my bedside table was bumped.

The cord even has the name of the toy on it, which is a new trend that I am enjoying so much. When the Wand is charging, a light on the handle pulses and becomes solid when finished. Charging takes around 90 minutes, and this should then give you two hours of playtime. Also if you aren’t looking at the app, you will know the battery is low because the charging light will start to pulse.

Stroker Attachment (left) and Flutter Attachment (right)

Now For My Thoughts on the Wand

Now that I have broken down how the Wand works, it is time to break down my feelings. Which is also an undertaking all of its own because there is so much to talk about. So I am going to break it down with what I loved, what I disliked, and what I felt indifferent about.

What I Loved

When it comes to what I loved, I want to talk about the SmartSense feature. For me, this feature was great for a number of reasons. The first is, I get overloaded from stimulation with wands. While it is a thing I enjoy, when it does happen I tend to get away from the toy rather quickly. Having it stop vibrating means it isn’t dancing around on my bed while I come back down. I am also notorious for falling asleep before turning said toy off. So it was a bit of a lifesaver. It also really kept my hand from going numb with vibration if I was adjusting the speed or changing position.

When it comes to the power of the Wand. I did find it enjoyable! For me, it was rather comparable to the Original Magic Wand. Though where the Orginal Magic Wand is buzzy, this is far more rumbly. As well as just a tad bit quieter. But once I could get the handle of the switch for revving the speeds up and down it was a treat.

The magnet! I have had a big issue with the magnets from We-Vibe in the past. But their latest permutation is just so much stronger than what I have for things like my Tango. And as I mentioned above, the Wand comes prelabeled. A storage need when you own multiple toys.

Things I Disliked

The biggest dislike I have when it comes to the Wand is the controls. I found the small joystick to sometimes be painful to push down. Having to push against it rather hard just to get it to move. While I love toys that rev upwards, the controls made it awkward and hard to pinpoint when to stop. Often I ended up revving it all the way up when I only wanted to up slightly. While I could have clicked up slowly, I didn’t want to keep pushing the joystick when all it was going to do was hurt my thumb. So often I would just put it all the way too high, then rely on the SmartSense feature.

The handle was another thing I wasn’t fond of. I sort of wish it had more of an angle or the bend wasn’t right in the middle. Most of the time I found myself gripping close to the base anyways because of the texture. It really kept my hand from slipping while using lube.

Things I am Indifferent About

Now perhaps it is because I am a solo user, but I only used the app about once just to test it out. The interface is easy to understand and creating your own patterns can be fun. But I certainly know that it is more meant for long-distance use or hands-free with a partner. But I did find the connection to be strong even when I was on another floor. So while it did not work for me I do feel like it is a great use for those who have another person to play with!

The attachments are the other thing that I had no strong feelings about. I tested the stroker attachment against a few different dildos. And I did like how it easily accommodated different girths without seeming to pinch the edges unless it was over 2 inches in width. While the flutter attachment was a very light tickle to my skin. If I applied too much pressure when using it, the sensation just turned into the normal wand vibrations. Because the flutter points stopped moving.

Overall Thoughts

The Wand by We-Vibe is a very good wand vibrator. The vibrations are strong but quiet. The tech and features are interesting and make it unique in a saturated market. The price is a little high $170 to $179 depending on who you buy from/have access to. But you are getting a lot of extras with the Wand. But for me, there are other wands I would grab first because it is almost overwhelming. When all I need is a simple wand and sometimes a more direct attachment.

However, it is still a wand that I would recommend to others who would get used out of everything that it comes with! Couples both short and long-distance can both get a lot of use out of this. Also, people whose bodies are more compatible to stroker and flutter attachments this one is for you! So while not one that I love, still a great wand.

Thank you to We-Vibe for sending me the Wand in exchange for this review, all words and opinions are my own.

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