Review: Waterslyde by Loveablity

Review: Waterslyde by Loveablity

This is it, dear readers, the most unique toy I think I am going to try this year. The Waterslyde by Loveablity! I’ve seen it in numerous places. From other bloggers who have written about it, to even in Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan articles. And now I get to test it out to see just how I feel about it, so let’s go! 

Waterslyde Stats

The WaterSlyde is the first and, from what I have found, only aquatic stimulator. A faucet attachment that just uses the power of water as an alternative to a vibrator. Made from high-impact Styrene plastic, it is both durable and body-safe. To use the Waterslyde, you just attach it to your forward-facing bathroom spout with a ribbon at the top. It then directs the water flow to the midpoint of the bathtub. This allows you to comfortably position yourself in the tub. So that the waterfalls are directly where you wish them to be.   

There are no other things needed to use the Waterslyde other than the water itself. No batteries are needed or recharging cables that you might lose. 


  • Overall Length: 16 inches
  • Width: 3.5 inches
  • Depth: 2 inches

So What Did I Think?

Getting it out of its lovely box, I was in love with how sturdy the Waterslyde is. The plastic is not too thick, but just thick enough to feel sturdy. It feels like if it falls in an empty tub it won’t break. I also put the ribbon through a few tests of pulling and tugging just to see how it held up. It is very strong which I appreciated. While it does say it is suede, it feels more like synthetic suede. So you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. 

To attach the Waterslyde, you want to line it up with your faucet. This will differ for everyone, so you will likely have to figure out tricks for yours like I did mine. On a lot of the promo pictures, I see the ribbon tied just one time around with a simple bow. Because my faucet is thicker, I double wrapped my ribbon for extra hold just to make sure there were no issues during testing. 

On To Testing

Before getting into the tub, I had to get the water streaming just right. My bathtub has both a very high-pressure output and our water heater goes from 0 to 100 when it comes to heat. So there was a little playing around to get both just right. Once I found what I was comfortable with after about five to ten minutes of the adjustment, I let the tub start to fill up. With the Waterslyde on and the gentle trickle of water, it takes much longer than you might be used to. And you also don’t want the water to fill up all the way. So with only a few centimeters of water, I got in and moved to get into a position so that the Waterslyde could do its thing. 

Now, my tub is 2’5″wide by 5’6″ in length, kinda narrow, and settled against the wall. When I am sitting all the way back, my feet don’t touch the other side. To get in the right position that the stream of water from the Waterslyde was going over my labia, I had to basically lay down in my tub. Legs pulled up and back, spread as best as I could get them as the wall only let one leg go so far, and with how deep the tub was I could also only get my other leg to go so far. And from there, the water felt really nice.

But because my weight is in my stomach and I have short arms, I could not reach to spread my labia in that position. Meaning I wasn’t really getting anything other than a very basic stimulation. Which, while nice, left me to feel like a turtle on my back as the water rose around me. I attempted a couple of other positions, but because of my build, nothing seemed to work outright. If I had a wider tub, something I could really stretch my legs in, the Waterslyde might have worked out better for me. 

I also found myself having to push the drain stopper out of the way so that I didn’t accidentally let too much water in that would cover the areas I was trying to reach. Which made me instantly feel like I was wasting water and that just wasn’t a good feeling. And I needed to keep the tub with some water in it or I was dragging my skin against the porcelain of the tub. So again, this was once again coming down to it really not being the right tub for this to work for me. 

Overall Thoughts

I love the concept of the Waterslyde, and I have read so many positive reviews for it from other bloggers I adore. I am sad that it really didn’t work out for my body and tub. It is my suggestion to make sure you find all the reviews that you are able to and get an idea of how this toy is going to work for your tub. I plan to keep my Waterslyde available for the next time I am able to get into a wider tub and will update my opinions once that happens. Because I do think that it a really interesting and unique way to find pleasure.

If the Waterslyde does sound like something that will work for you, you can grab it from Betty’s Toy Box for $36 in Aqua or Pink

Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Waterslyde in exchange for this review. All writing and opinions are my own

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