Review: InBloom Lililum, Tulipa, and Rosales

Review: InBloom Lililum, Tulipa, and Rosales

Even though fall is here, spring is still in the air. Especially when The Vibed reached out to me to review their new line! The InBloom line is a new trio of floral-shaped toys, each with a unique function and look. The line includes the Lilium, Tulipa, and Rosales: two new flower shapes and one that has gone viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. Let us dive into the stats of this buzzing bouquet! 

InBloom Lilium, Tulipa, and Rosales Stats

The InBloom Trio consists of the Lilium, Tulipa, and Rosales flower-shaped toys. Each one is a different kind of silicone stimulator. They come with seven vibration functions, three different speeds, and four pattern modes. All three of the toys have a singular button for navigation. These also come equipped with a travel lock—just hold the button down for three seconds to turn them on or off. They have 90 minutes (1.5 hours) of playtime and 75 min of charge time. And the coolest thing about the USB charging cords is that each one has a lovely stand that the toy rests on instead of plugging in. Because of this, they are not submersible/waterproof and instead are only splash-proof. 

InBloom Lililum, Tulipa, and Rosales
(From Left to Right) Tulipa, Rosales, Lilium

The Lilium is a massaging vibrator that mimics a white lily. Its soft silicone nubs and petals can be used all over the body on any erogenous zone. Its main function is to tickle and massage the skin.

  • 2.28 inches in length
  • 2.28 inches in width
  • 2.87 inches in height

The Tulipa is a flickering toy that mimics the look of a purple tulip. In the middle of the toy is a longer, petal-shaped tongue that is meant to simulate oral sex. You can use the flickering tongue all over the body. 

  • 2.24 inches in length
  • 2.24 inches in width
  • 3.04 inches in height

The Rosales takes on the popular rose shape we have seen recently in clitoral suction stimulators. In the center of the toy is the opening for clitoral stimulation with rapid light suction pulses. The soft petals on the outside also carry over light vibrations for vulva stimulation as well. 

  • 2.32 inches in length
  • 2.32 inches in width
  • 2.60 inches in height

So What Did I Think?

Out of their boxes, each toy stands out on its own. The silicone that covers each toy is smooth to the touch. Their buttons are front and center, molded into the body of the toy. The round bulb shape fits into the palm of the hand easily, holding up to the ergonomic claim. 

When it comes to cleaning these toys, I found that you need to take some extra time. The petals, nubs, and other crevices can cause you to miss spots if you are not careful. So you want to really make sure that they are clean. I suggest going in with something more fine like a toothbrush, paintbrush, or even a cotton-tipped swab to get those nooks and crannies. Of the three, I found the Tulipa the easiest to clean. The Rosales was the hardest to clean because the places where you need to reach are very narrow and not flexible to get inside them. Because the nubs on the Lilium are very flexible, it puts it right in the middle for ease of cleaning in my books. 

Each toy is so unique and different, so let’s break down this bouquet.


At first glance, the Lilium doesn’t quite stand out. You could confuse it for a face cleansing brush. This is great for someone who wants to have their toys out where they can find them, but also doesn’t want to announce to the world that you have a sex toy on your nightstand. The nubs of the Lilium are gentle to the touch, very flexible, and have only a small amount of drag. I tested it along my body first, and it felt close to someone gently running the pads of their fingers along my skin. Almost in a ticklish way, but it was the very edge of that, which is a nice feeling along with many parts of the body. The vibration even on the highest setting doesn’t feel numbing—but therein lies the issue for me. 

While it works great mostly all over the body, it is only a light touch. When attempting to use it for masturbation, the Lilium fell flat. It was nice to tease the sensation of the nubs along the labia. But against the clit, I felt nothing. Not even the vibrations on high. They don’t transfer through the nubs very well, leaving a very muted feeling when trying to use it for that purpose. 

This is not to say the Lilium is a bad toy. It is just very much meant for a massage. So that is what I tried next. I used some of my favorite massage oil, silicone-free of course, along with the Lilium’s gentle touch. This left me in a very nice warmed-up place to move on to the Tulipa or Rosales. 


Out of the three shapes, I have to say that the Tulipa is the most unique. When I think of tulips, I think of round bulbs. But in writing this review, I did a little flower research and found Lily Flowered Tulips have pointed petals, so the Tulipa fits right in. But enough of the botany lesson, what about the toy?

While many flickering toys tend to be light fluttering like the Fun Factory Volta. The Tulipa’s motions are distinct. On the lowest setting, it is easy to feel the flick of the tip against your skin. Though you have to be careful and not apply too much pressure, or the toy will stop on its own. So you cannot really grind against it. But when you turn the speed up, the flickering becomes centered. This allowed me to get pinpoint stimulation more easily. It certainly simulates oral sex, but only to a point, quite literally. It feels as if someone is only using the tip of their tongue. So it gets a little repetitive when a real person would change up what they are doing as they use their mouth. 

I enjoyed the Tulipa as both a warm-up toy and a toy that I used for edging, as even on the highest settings, it never was quite enough to personally get me to orgasm. 


Rose-shaped toys have been all the rage for the last few months after going viral on TikTok. And while the Rosales might not be the first, it stands out on its own. At first glance, I really thought that I was going to have an issue with the shape. I am very used to using suction toys with a tapered nozzle, whereas the Rosales is a flat plane surrounded by rippling petals. It tapers slightly from the bulb part, but only barely. Once I got settled for testing, I was very happily surprised at how well the toy fit my body. 

The nozzle is about 0.5” round and 0.3” in-depth, so with a larger membrane, you might find the end of the tunnel bumping against it. For me, my clit is small enough that it fits rather easily. This allowed for the surrounding petals to also stimulate the area with faint vibrations as the power is all in the nozzle. 

And speaking of the power, it goes from 0 to 60 in no time flat. This toy doesn’t really do warm-up. The medium and high speeds only go harder as you move up, which is why this style of the toy has been called ‘the soul snatcher. So you want to be careful; if you feel any pain when using it, you will want to remove it ASAP. I even found myself using a few of the patterns, mostly those that had a slight pause just to extend my playtime. The Rosales gets things done quickly, and with a ton of overstimulation for me. It is not often that a toy leaves me quivering and unable to move, but the Rosales did. 

Using anything higher than the low setting was a one-way ticket to overstimulation right away.  I actually found myself enjoying the pauses in the pattern settings when using the Rosales. It gave my clit even a few moments of rest. Or allowed me to move the entrance of the toy to another spot without needing to pull it off my skin. 

Overall Thoughts

The InBloom trio of toys is lovely! With each one having its own specific unique traits and shapes, choosing the one(s) that are best for you is easy. I really also love that they each have their own level of intensity. Where the Lilium is the gentlest, the Tulipa is right in the middle, and the Rosales is the most intense. Their shapes are comfortable to hold and should work with a number of body types. 

At current, the InBloom toys are sold on The Vibed each for $49.99. And if you use the code ‘WITCH15’ you can get 15% off your order. And free shipping starts at $15!

Thank you to The Vibed for sending out the Lilium, Tulipa, and Rosales in exchange for this unbiased review. All opinions and writing are my own. Want me to review your toy, shop, or site? Check out my Work With Me page. 

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