Episode 327: Devorah Dante and Zuri Love

Episode 327: Devorah Dante and Zuri Love

Once more we are delving into the world of CrashPadSeries.com for another #SexEdPornReview, this time with a scene featuring Zuri Love (She/They) and Devorah Dante (They/He). There is so much I want to talk about with this scene, so let’s not waste any time and get right to it. 

“When Zuri Love shows them a shockingly smutty comic, Devorah Dante suspects an ulterior motive. Sure enough, art appreciation becomes ass appreciation, and soon the two have their faces buried in something other than books. After making Zuri come with fingers and an air-pulse toy, Devorah dons a double-ended dildo for some strap-on fucking, minus the straps. I guess Zuri and Devorah are just drawn together!”

– Keymaster

First things first, I absolutely adore the comic featured in this scene and I had to share. Sunstone by Stjepan Šejić is one of my absolute favorite BDSM comics. The story is wonderful, the art is amazing, and I could write a whole post on it. But if someone invited me over to read this, I too would suspect there was something more at play. And what I love in this scene is when Devorah brings it up. It’s a playful tease, not putting pressure on Zuri and giving a chance for them to playfully tease back in agreement. It is a very casual way of gauging consent between the two of them. So simple that others might just see it as casual flirting and nothing more. Showing just how easy getting consent can be. 

And from there, we start! Of course, we get one of my favorite parts of any CrashPadSeries episode. Making out is such a great turn-on for me, and watching Zuri and Devorah while both stripping down is lovely. It is playful and just makes the scene feel so light and super chill. Like this could be happening in the privacy of one of their rooms. The two of them have just this wonderful chemistry that I love seeing in CrashPadSeries episodes. Both of the performers genuinely enjoyed themselves and each other. Especially when both performers are non-binary individuals, it gives me just a little glimmer of representation as a non-binary person myself.

Another thing I really enjoyed seeing that isn’t mentioned in the description of this scene: After stripping down, before they get down to anything, Devorah rubs a fur mitt all over Zuri’s body. It’s used to warm them up and get their senses going before diving in for more direct oral stimulation. 

No Barriers

We very often see barriers used in CrashPad scenes—such as gloves, dental dams, and condoms—because many STIs are transmittable via oral sex as much as they are through penetrative sex. But this is a scene where the two performers do not use any barriers. Which is not a bad thing! Both performers are aware of each other’s status because they have been tested for STIs before shooting this scene. Also listening to the behind-the-scenes video after, they both bring this and other barriers that they use for safety. 

Testing is something that should be done if you are actively sexual. Timing is different for everyone. From every month, every 3 to 6 months, or when you have a new partner. You want to get screened as often as works for you, so you know what your own status is. This allows you and your partner to have a conversation about your individual status and make informed choices on what barriers you want to use. And we can see from any CrashPad episode that no matter what barriers you choose to use, it doesn’t make the sex any less hot. This episode is no different, and watching Devorah go down on Zuri to the point of making them shake with her orgasm makes that clear. 

Double Your Toys, Double Your Pleasure

Sex toys feature quite a bit in this episode, starting with a pressure wave clitoral stimulator. Figuring out which to it was, took me a moment. Attention was on the performers. It is the Womanizer Classic, which we see Zuri use while Devorah starts to finger them. This is a great way to use the toy, as clitoral stimulation is most often the way people with clitoris achieve orgasm. When used alongside penetration, which they show off in the episode, it can be an explosive pairing. When the toy was brought into the scene was Devorah simply asked ‘Do you want your toy?’ and I loved that. There is of course a stigma around using toys during sex. But as you can see by watching Zuri and Devorah, it only adds to how hot it can be! 

The next item used is a strapless strap-on. Instead of using a traditional harness, the toy is used by inserting the shorter end inside the person who will be penetrating the other. And from there, you can fuck your partner with the other end. It almost works like a double-ended dildo, moving inside both people. However, you will notice every so often Devorah has to adjust and make sure it is staying in, which is the only downside to these particular toys. And like Devorah mentions, yes they do come in vibrating as well! 

Going With The Flow

One thing that stands out in this episode is that throughout the whole thing, you can see the camera. And not just that, you do see the people who are running and moving these cameras for different shots as well. They never interact with the scene or say anything, but they still work within the flow of the scene. Even with the few cuts that it had clearly for grabbing toys or moving other objects out of the frame, it gives the scene this very organic and artistic feel that you don’t find in mainstream pornography. My favorite shot of this in the whole scene is when you see the camera from behind, so you can look in the viewfinder or at the performers directly. But along with that and the chemistry between Zuri and Devorah, it really makes for a great scene altogether. 

Once again, I loved this CrashPadSeries Episode! If you are looking for amazing queer porn, they are the best place to start. Check out their site and sign up! Or if you are still unsure, check out my other reviews to see what other kinds of scenes they offer. 

Thank you CrashPad for a chance at reviewing this scene for another wonderful Sex Ed Porn Review! If you want to check out more of their amazing scenes subscribe to CrashPadSeries.com!

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