Pleasure for All Bodies: Finding Sex Toys That Work For You

Pleasure for All Bodies: Finding Sex Toys That Work For You

In what seems like a sea of sex toys. It can often be hard finding ones that work when your not an able-bodied individual. When you are testing them it can be overwhelming and sometimes even disappointing. Not every toy is made for every body. Not every body can use ever toy. But there are things to look for in your toys. That can make them work easier for your body.

Please note, this is just meant to be taken as a place to start from. You more than anyone else know your body and what works best for it. Take your time of course to research the toys you are thinking of buying. The information below will help, but take your time. Check out as many reviews as you can on a toy before you dive in. That more than anything will help in finding what will work best for you and your needs.

Getting A Grip

Sometimes it can be hard getting a grip on your toys. When your arms are shorter, your stomach is rounder, or your hands smaller than the base. You want to be able to get the spots you know are going to get you going.

Handled toys are a blessing when you can’t hold on to bases. Though when you don’t want to use a handle, toys with a rounded base go easy on your grip. Wands are no exception to this rule either. Finding one that has a curve or even long grip for when you need that reach. Cords in that can also be an issue, so perhaps something cordless while still being rechargeable might work best for you.

My personal favorite toys. Sola Cue, Magic Wand, Pride Dildo and a couple of Tantus Toys.

Length and Width

From my time in testing, I have learned that sometimes bigger is actually better. Toys that come in at 7 in or above are often what I suggest looking for. Now, this does come with its own issues, as bigger toys tend to also be thicker. So it is always good to check out the measurements on them before you choose. The Avant Line from Blush is a great one to try out if you are a beginner or a seasoned sex toy user. Based on my own personal use.

Sometimes, you also need a helping hand or perhaps finger. Accessories that can add length to your toy can also breath new life into them. Wand accessories that allow you to get your powerful vibrations deeper. Or even extensions for your own body parts.


A toy that is too heavy can be harmful in a few ways. The weight can tire you out or even cause pain in your joints as you use it. Straining to hold it up also doesn’t help in enjoying your pleasure either. Many toys are made of dense or heavy materials. Favorites like the Pure Wand might be far too heavy. But a curvy glass toy will be far easier on you in the long run and still get your g-spot!

Take your time when looking over toys, places like Betty’s Toybox are amazing in the details they give. Not just about how much a toy will weigh, but also how body safe it will be. They have also put together so many wonderful guides to read before you buy. So take your time. You are the one who knows your body best so it will be able to tell you what it needs.

But Wait There is More!

Pleasure does not just stop at sex toys! Next month I am going to be covering accessories and some other fun things! Let me know if you have found any toys that you think work great as well. I love knowing what is out there!

This post was sponsored by Betty’s Toybox, but all writing and opinions are my own.