Review: Tandem Plus by XR Brands

Review: Tandem Plus by XR Brands

Combination toys are always interesting, and the Tandem Plus from XR Brands certainly caught my eye with its design. And as I have been trying new things this year, Betty’s Toy Box was excited to send it my way to review! Let’s talk about this dual stimulation toy a little bit more.

Tandem Plus Stats

The Tandem Plus is a combination G-Spot vibrator and clitoral stimulating air pulse toy. It is made mostly of silicon covering and a bit of plastic to keep the dual motors safe. One motor controls the vibration, and the other controls the suction. For vibrations settings, you get three speeds and five patterns. This is accompanied by five levels of clitoral suction. The egg and the sucker are joined by a connection cord, to make it easy to use both functions at once or separately. To turn on the vibrating egg, you use the button marked with a vulva-like symbol, and to turn on the suction, you use the button marked with the lips. Finally, the Tandem Plus is waterproof and USB rechargeable via magnet.

Tandem Plus and USB Cord (bag not included)


  • Overall Length: 13 inches
  • Egg Length: 2.5 inches
  • Egg Width: 1.3 inches
  • Connecting Cord Length: 7.25 inches

About the Name

You will note that I refer mainly to the toy as the Tandem Plus. This is due to how it is listed on the site I am doing this review for. They have dropped the full name, which is the Shegasm Tandem Plus X8, as XR Brands has named it. And I, for one, am thankful that the shop dropped that part of the name. It is incredibly gendered and that certainly is a huge drawback about the toy. Calling it the Tandem Plus would have been just fine, or if they still wanted to make a tongue-in-cheek play on orgasm, Yourgasm was right there. 

There is no reason for any sex toy to have a gendered name in this day and age. I know that many of my readers will be turned off by this knowledge. No matter how good a toy is, sometimes the name can ruin it. And it is something companies really need to take into consideration when naming their singular toys or whole lines. 

So What Did I Think?

Straight out of the box, the Tandem Plus is such an interesting design. One cannot help but notice at first how flexible the connecting cord between the two parts of the toy is. The egg on one end is nice and firm, and the vibrations are rumbly when you turn it on. The air pulse end is also very egg-like in shape, but it tapers into a wide mouth-like opening. It is on the suction end that the buttons to turn on the separate motors and the connection for the USB cable reside. Both buttons come equipped with a travel lock, so you have to hold either of them down for three seconds to turn either side of the toy on or off. 

The functions are easy to scroll through no matter which side you are using. Though I find controlling the egg a little easier because you have just a little more slack thanks to the connecting cord. Thanks to the unique shapes of the buttons, they are easy to tell apart. They also each light up so you know when one is distinctly on or off. Being able to turn the two different functions on separately is really nice if you aren’t feeling like using one end or the other. 

Tandem Plus in Use

Because both can be used separately, I tested them one at a time starting with the air pulse function. Compared to others that I have tried in the past, it is very gentle. While it gets a little more intense when you use the higher settings, the feeling of the pulse never stops feeling gentle. However, this is not a downside to me when it comes to air pulse toys, as I would much rather have the opposite reaction. Though what I really love about the air pulse side is the shape of the mouth. It has a nicely rounded point, perfect for adding a little pressure or gentle rubbing stimulation along with the suction. And that creates a lovely combination indeed. 

Then we get to the egg, and it is truly your standard rumbly g-spot egg. Turning it on via its separate button is easy with the Tandem Plus’ connecting cord. You can also turn it on before insertion, but I found it easier to hold onto when it was off. Using it alone is a little strange. It feels like having a sort of tail hanging out of you. But you could do that and then add in a wand or other favorite clitoral stimulation if you aren’t feeling up for the air pulse. 

But, it is when these come together that the real magic happens. The combination of gentle air pulse and rumbly g-spot action was enough to leave me clutching my sheets by the end of my orgasms. This is a feat because it takes a lot for me to be multi-orgasmic. But with the attention to my g-spot and clit, I got to experience each one right after the other. The cord is perfectly long enough to leave a good amount of slack so that you can move the air pulse side as you please without disturbing the egg. 

Overall Thoughts

The Tandem Plus was a huge surprise for me in how well it came together and worked. It is a toy I want to give high recommendations to, even with the tragic naming. If you enjoy dual stimulation, the Tandem Plus is a great way to achieve it. But if you are looking for less of a gendered toy, you may want to skip this one out.

You can get the Tandem Plus at Betty’s Toy Box for $69.99, and free shipping on it as well!

Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Tandem Plus in exchange for this unbiased review. All opinions and writing are my own. 

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