Review: Chic Tulip by CalExotic

Review: Chic Tulip by CalExotic

Having only tried one other rolling/vibrating toy in the past. The Chic Tulip caught my attention when Naughty North asked me to review something from CalExotic’s new Chic line. It has a unique design, unlike anything I’ve seen in sex toys right now. So I knew I had to give it a try. 

Chic Tulip Stats

The Chic Tulip is a rolling vibrator, meant to be used on any part of the body. Made of silicone for the body of the toy, along with plastic for the base and power/settings button. It uses two motors, one for the rolling part of the Tulip, and another for the vibrations. It only comes with one button to turn on the toy and to control the settings. You have to press the button down for three seconds to turn it on/off to get past the travel lock. This means it won’t accidentally turn on in your bag.

Its rolling and vibrations run at the same time. So each level of vibration function raises the level of the rolling ball. It goes from low to quite high at 10 different speeds. The massager in the Chic Tulip rolls up and down in a gentle flickering-like motion. Chic Tulip also comes with memory technology, meaning that it will resume the last setting selection that you previously used. 

The charge time of the Chic Tulip is 2.5 hours and you get a running time of 100 min. Give or take what speeds you set it on. The higher speeds the less battery time you have, but it is still well over 90 minutes. And because it is waterproof, you can use it in the shower or even the bathtub. 


  • Overall Length: 4.5 x 1.75 inches 
  • Tip  1.75 x 1.5 inches

So What Did I Think?

Upon getting the Chic Tulip out of its box, I finally got to take in the unique design. Instead of a rounded top, it is flat with just a slight angle. The rounded top is shaped like a large guitar pick with the rolling ball in the center of it. With the shape of the top, the vibration of the Chic Tulip is far broader in how it spreads out. On the lower settings, it is almost unnoticeable. So you really have to crank it up to the top speeds to feel it. Whereas with the rolling ball, that was well defined. Even on the lowest settings moved rather quickly in its flicking motion. 

Testing the toy proved to be a little frustrating. Learning very quickly, this toy was not really made with fat bodies in mind. Now they say that you can use this toy all over the body, which is true. That part I agree with as I found using the rolling ball against my nipples to be very stimulating. It was a pleasant flickering that I could direct in whatever direction that I wished. On my labia, it was nice, very much like a flickering tongue. Though this was where I started to find the gentleness a downside. Because when I craved more pressure in my flickering, I couldn’t achieve it. As when you press down hard enough, it muffles the flickering completely. 

When I tried to use it against my clitoris that the real frustration began. First, there was trying to figure out which way was best to get it to sit where I needed. Because I have a larger labia, my clit is very far back. So I have to move things in order to get the rounded edges to sit well. I finally choose the narrow end to sit at the top. Allowing me to use the shape of the toy to keep things spread.

But the edges sort of dig into the skin as the skin tries to close around the toy. I found myself using a lot more lubrication than normal to keep that from happening. But when I finally had it, it was stuck there. I wasn’t allowing it to move or it wasn’t going to get the spot that I wanted it to. Because once I did have it set, the sensation was perfect. 

The rolling ball was smooth over my clit, though at the lower levels it was very hard to feel any vibration. I found that I really had to crank the toy up to its highest settings to feel both at once. But it was so very close to the same motion that I would use with say, my fingers, that I did enjoy it. It was all the lead-up and trying to make it work for my body that was the frustration. With my frustration gone, I was left with a pleasurable flicking. Like a metronome going back and forth on my clit. 

I think that if the edges were a little more narrow around the ball it would be so much better. Less area to cover. Gaining more pinpoint accuracy and maybe allow the vibrations to be felt easier. Overall, it takes a little more work for a toy in a masturbation session than I would like to use it. I don’t think it is a bad toy, it just isn’t a toy that is going to really work for everyone as fully intended. 

Overall Thoughts

The Chic Tulip is a unique toy, but with unique toys, it takes a little work to figure out how it is going to work best for you. I think there are other toys in the Chic line that would work better for me, such as the Violet or the Daisy. But I think the Tulip can be great for those who want something that feels slightly organic and light in stimulation. 

You can get the Chic Tulip from Naughty North for 79.99 (CAD), or if you are in the US from Betty’s Toy Box for 59.99 (USD). 

Thank you to Naughty North for sending the Chic Tulip to me in exchange for this unbiased review. All writing and opinions are my own. 

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