Review: The Chickie

Review: The Chickie

Emojibator is a company known for taking popular emojis and making them into toys. They had been known for things such as the Eggplant, Chili Pepper, and Banana vibrators. With the Chickie, they have branched out into their first USB rechargeable waterproof suction toy.

The Chickie Breakdown

The Chickie has 8 pulsation settings, but it also has 8 vibration setting, so it is almost like getting two kinds of toys in one. The pulsator is hidden under the head of the Chickie and the vibrations coming from its butt. That is right, you read that correctly. The Chickie has a vibrating butt, a thick one at that. This toy has a whimsical design as is expected from Emojibator.

So What Did I Think?

Where to start with this toy. It is really hard to decide. It came with a lot of frustration. Each one I am going to break down from start to finish.

The App?

When you look at the instructions for The Chickie, it gives you a QR code for an app. The app is supposed to allow you to control the toy via Bluetooth. I was never able to connect my Chickie. Now, this could be because the Yellow Version does not have this ability. In the instructions, it also shows a blue version. But it is very unclear in the instructions. Why include details for an app if the toy in the box does not use it?

Using the Chickie

The suction on the Chickie is powerful enough that upon first turning it on it clung to my fingertip. This was more than other suction toys I have used in the past. The tip clearly made for this reason. I could feel the vibrations through this tip. Though not as strong as the pulsation. The majority of the vibrations really go to the round heart shaped behind.

The first two times I tried it, my clit out right hid from the suction. The way the suction tried to grab onto my flesh. I didn’t blame it. It did not hurt, but it just. Latched on and seemed to do…nothing. I even attempted to get it to feel it on my nipples. Nothing. Trying to use the vibrations, due to the shape of my body was also a no go. The roundness of the toy just could not pinpoint anything. I was frustrated.

Third times the charm?

Not one to be thwarted by a sex toy. I gave it one more shot. This time getting off first with another toy I knew would actually stimulate my clitoris. Figuring maybe it just needed a little coaxing. Which was not wrong, until it was very wrong.

The tip suctioned to my clit, hard. Pulling at my already sensitive flesh with a bite that hurt like hell. The shock of it making me scramble for the off button so quickly before I tossed it to the other side of my bed. It caused no bleeding or bruising, but I know I won’t be using The Chickie again if that is the result. My clit has banned that toy completely.

One more thing…

Clean up. I am really not sure how I can fully clean this toy. The tip cannot be removed like many other pulsating toys. I know full well there is lube getting into the small hole. I feel like I will never know if the inside of the toy is clean enough. So this is another reason this toy is kind of a dud for me.

Overall Thoughts

The Chickie, is not a toy I can honestly recommend to my readers. While the design might be cute. That is about it. It is not very functional or in my opinion safe. It is certainly not worth the $891 that it goes for. There are other better pressure wave toys that you can get on the market that works a thousand times better.

Thank you to Shevibe however for sending me The Chickie and giving me a chance to share with you this review.

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