Review: Stronic Real by Fun Factory

Review: Stronic Real by Fun Factory

Believe it or not, but while Fun Factory has had the Stronic line for years now. I have yet to ever try one! But I was very lucky when Betty’s Toy Box gave me the chance to try the Stronic Real. One of the newest additions to the Stronic line of toys.

Stronic real, a purple pulsation toy sitting on top of a black and red fan with gold filigree just under it.

Stronic Real

The shape is the reason behind the name. The Stronic Real is meant to be shaped like the ideal size. Insertable Length of 4.5″ and a diameter of 1.38″. This may seem small but the idea behind it was to be easy to use with no warm-up. There are 7 speeds and 3 patterns total which allow for a variety. Thrusting pulsation that is slow and steady to an almost jack rabbit-like jumping. When charged it has up to 2 hours worth of use time.

Not just meant to be used internally to stimulate the clitoral legs. Which extend around the entrance to the vagina from the clitoris itself. The rounded tip of the Stronic Real can also be used directly on the clitoris. Adding some lube it allows you to go finger free using its pulsation to rub against you. This allows for a number of different ways to build up your orgasm from different kinds of stimulation.

Waterproof and USB rechargeable, as well as having a travel lock and low battery warning. Makes this toy an all-rounder for ease of use.

So What Did I Think?

I am always a little intimidated when trying a new toy. There is a lot of worries that something so popular won’t work for me. With the Stronic Real, this was more of a factor. Because the line has been out for some time. So after I got over that hurdle I felt ready to test it out.

At first, I had a bit of trouble getting used to the thrusting. When I would squeeze around the Stronic Real, it sometimes caused it to stop. This was if I had it inside me deep enough. So I had to really instead keep it rather shallow inside of me. With how I had to hold it that kept the head working over my g-spot. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it much more on the lower settings rather than the higher ones. The consistent movement allowing for a slow build to an orgasm.

This caused me to want to try it against my clit as was a suggested use. This was odd at first. I had to find the right angle. If I wasn’t holding it correctly it would just feel like someone trying to ring my clit like a doorbell. I turned it backward instead. Allowing the ridge of the head to give it just a little added texture. This gave it much more of a rub or flick sensation that was as good as my own fingers. Because I use toys due to hand pain this was awesome.

Overall Thoughts

Once I was able to get past the fears I had about something new. The Stronic Real became a real joy to use in the bedroom. As a plus-size person, this also was great because it gave some extra length. Allowing me to relax even more when masturbating. So I would totally add this toy to ones I would recommend for other plus-sized sex toy users. You can get yours at Bettys Toy Box for 169.99 in Violet, Cream, or Candy Rose.

Thank you Betty’s Toy Box for sending the Stronic Real to me in exchange for this review.

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