Favorite Bloggers of 2019

Favorite Bloggers of 2019

Every year we gain and lose bloggers in our little sphere of the internet. I try to keep up with as many amazing bloggers as I can. From new bloggers to established ones, I love reading all the wonderful words we weave. This is a small list of those that have brightened my various timelines with their words.

Wendy/The Wench Works

Wendy is a newer blogger, after taking a break has returned this year. Her posts are some wonderful hot takes. One of my favorite posts from her is the ethics surrounding discourse in the kink community. It is one that I have shared quite a few times. And since that post, I have been an avid reader of her other posts. But another great thing about Wendy, her playlists are amazing. If you follow her on twitter you will also get access to her opinions on music as well. I one hundred percent came for the discourse but stayed for the music.

Kayla/Pink Space Lime

One of the first posts I read from Kayla was about her being a BBW Sex Worker. From there I was hooked on her super honest posts. Her writing it so down to earth and really real. It was made even better with her starting her podcast Kink Space Time which I highly suggest following! Her podcast is like her blog come to life which I love. It only started in the last few months so I am excited to see how it grows. She also makes amazing art! I was very lucky to get a drawing from her recently.


Ryn/Ryn’s Revels

A blogger I got to spend time with at Woodhull who is also rather new to the scene. They have been balancing school and writing their blog. But I love reading every review they have put out! I am really excited to see what the next year has in store for them!

Carly S./Dildo or Dildon’t

By no means a new blogger, Carly is one of my top favorite blogs this year. From body positivity to sex work, her opinion pieces and personal posts are some of my favorites. My favorite pieces from this year had to be Take Your Own Advice and Spoil a Sex Worker. But most of all Carly is pretty much the blogger/sex educator that I look up to. She is amazing to spend time with in person and I felt super lucky to hang out with her at Woodhull.

Indigo/Indigo Is An Adult

This one is perhaps a little bias as I got to spend some time with Indigo this year. Once they visited my area and another during the trip to Woodhull! But they are an absolute pleasure not only online but in person as well. Currently, on hiatus from their blog, they still have a lot of great writing. One of my favorites is a review that has bits of erotica in describing how to use a waterproof sheet. Also, all of their reviews come with a drink pairing which I adore.

This wraps up my 2019 rundown of my favorite bloggers of this year. While by no means a list of all of mine you can find that on my sidebar. Check them all out, follow them on Twitter, and enjoy! Was there anyone I should have been reading this year? Comment and point me towards their blog so that I can catch up!

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