Review: Stardust Charm

Review: Stardust Charm

Many people enjoy a little sparkle in their life and love it when it happens to be their sex toys. I have reviewed and bought many a toy with crystals as accents, but NS Novelties took this to a bit of an extreme in creating the Stardust line. Each toy is packed with Swarovski crystals to make them glitter and sparkle all over. When Betty’s Toy Box offered me a chance to test them out, I was drawn to the Stardust Charm bullet vibrator.  

Stardust Charm Stats

The Stardust Charm is a bullet vibrator made of silicone, borosilicate glass, and crystals. It comes in a few standard colors: pink, blue, black, and silvery-white. The crystals are packed into the shaft of the toy, surrounded by smooth glass. The base is where the silicone is, as well as the button to turn it on/off and cycle through speeds/settings. The whole shape of the toy is rounded and almost pill-like. The Stardust Charm is USB charged and comes with the cord included. The charge port is located on the back of the toy. It is a small round dot right under the Direct Current (DC) label. Press the connecting side into it firmly and it will lock in place. It is not submersible, so you will want to keep this out of the water. But you can use a cloth with soap and water to clean it. You will want to use water or oil-based lubricants around this toy. 

Stardust Charm and a smaller bullet sitting side by side for comparision. The Stardust Charm is twice as large as the standard bullet.
Stardust Charm compared with a standard bullet vibe
  • Measurements: 6.61 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches
  • Length – Insertable: 4.75 inches
  • Width – Widest Point: 1.25 inches

So What Did I Think?

Bullet vibrators are normally rather small, only the size of a finger. The Stardust Charm’s shape and size is more like a smaller slimline vibrator. The button controls are easy to use and have click-through settings. They are even easy to reach and find when fumbling in the dark. The glass part is smooth against the skin and can allow for a bit of temperature play depending on where you set it before use. It has all the makings for a great toy.

Except for one detail. 

When you turn it on, the vibrations are located primarily in the handle. Something about the glass, or maybe even being filled with crystals, muffles it along the shaft of the toy. This is disappointing because near the handle they are deep, rumbly, and have rather powerful vibrations. They make your hand go numb while holding it, especially when using the higher settings. Many an attempt to use the toy during testing normally left me with unfulfilled orgasms and grabbing for toys I knew would do the job. 

I am not one to not test all avenues of use, which led to me testing it using the glass shaft as the handle. This worked as the vibrations could be felt clearly, though it had the downside of now the buttons were hard to reach. This was also a losing situation. I just could not find a way to use the Stardust Charm in a way that was pleasurable. 

Overall Thoughts 

The Stardust Charm is a lovely toy to look at, but it is not one that I can recommend using. If the vibrations actually went up the length of the toy it would be wonderful. It has all the makings for a great toy but falls very short in useability. Still, if this sounds like a toy you would like, you can get it for $48.99 from Betty’s Toy Box

Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Stardust Charm in exchange for this unbiased review. All writing and opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “Review: Stardust Charm

  1. Hello! How do you charge this item? I cannot for the lift of me figure out where to plug it in! And googling isn’t helping!

    1. You will find the charge port for this item, on the back of the silicone part of the wand. It is the dot right under where the DC is. You have to press particularly hard to get it to get through the silicone.

  2. Hi i just got mine today, pink too! And i was thinking the handle is too intense while the glass is so soft and noticed the power button was upside down, so unless your using the glass for temperature stuff i believe the glass is meant to be held rather than the silicone

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