Favorite Bloggers of 2020

Favorite Bloggers of 2020

One of my favorite things about being in this community is getting to read other bloggers’ work. From new to old, I am subscribed to pretty much every other sex blogger that I have been able to find. This year I will say the number of queer and LGBTQ+ bloggers that I follow skyrocketed.

While I adore, so many bloggers and you can see a lot of them over on my blogroll. These are the ones that stood out to me this year in big ways.

Queer Earthling

Queer Earthling is run by a blogger who is geeky and kinky, Tessa Fox. I found this blog right at the start of the year when they posted their steampunk erotica, An Unusual Device. Which was inspired by the Rocks Off Zepplina which we both reviewed around the same time! From that moment I was honestly hooked on this blog. It has a super whimsical style of writing and blends sex with geekery so well. Tessa’s photography game is also super on point, adding to how colorful and playful Queer Earthling is.

You can also follow Queer Earthling on Twitter for more of their geeky and kinky thoughts!

Queer Courtesan

An Exploration of Kink is the perfect way to describe Queer Courtesan. A blog that is written by non-binary writer Calliope. Another blog I started this year while searching for more Trans and Non-binary blogs to read, especially in the kink category. Their post on Power Exchange and Dependency was the first post to catch my eye, but it was the personal posts in their QC Diaries that caught me. The post Identity is Complicated resonated in me when I read it as someone who also has searched a long time for answers.

Currently, they are on hiatus as of this posting, but you can follow them on Twitter or read their archives.

The Wench Works

This blog was also on my 2019 list of bloggers, but she deserves to be on here again. Wendy is an absolute delight of a writer who I enjoy working with so much. This year I write about the Wench Works because they had a lot of posts about kink written by Georgia “Korppi” King. The one that I adored was After the End: Creating & Negotiating a Contract Conclusion Plan. There are so many posts about starting a kink relationship, that one written about ending things was refreshing to read. Wendy and Georgia’s writing melds so well together and I am excited for what they get up to in the coming year.

Dildo or Dildon’t – Carly S.

Carly makes my list again because she is just an amazing sex educator. I was so excited to get to sit in on her workshops during the virtual Sex Down South this year. As well as seeing her taken on putting out her education on Instagram and TikTok. This year she put out one of my favorite quarantine related blog post with her Best Kinky Animal Crossing Fashion Codes and Animal Crossing New Horizons BDSM Guide. I really hope that next year brings more amazing workshops that I will be able to sit in and learn so much from her.

You can find Carly on here Twitter!

Mx Nillin

Mx Nillin has done so much this year, speaking out about how Trans bloggers are treated in some of the popular sex memes. Putting together resources for Trans Bloggers. And putting out a list of Trans and Queer affirming bloggers. They have also written some amazingly hot personal posts as well that reminds me of why I got into sex blogging in the first place. Their posts on Pet Play this year has been very eye-opening to something I find I might also be into! They are one blogger who I really enjoy seeing pop up in my inbox.

That does it for my list this year! Who are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below so that I can go and check them out!

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