Guide To Stimulating Gels For Boosting Libido

Guide To Stimulating Gels For Boosting Libido

One’s libido can decrease for a number of reasons, from just general stress to medication. However, that sometimes clashes with the want to experience pleasure and enjoy sexual activity. Stimulating gels or enhancement gels generally focus on warming, cooling, or buzzing sensation on or around the clitoris. Warming gels and warming lubricants can also be used internally to help promote blood flow and increase lubrication. This guide will help you understand the use of each type, as well as toys that you may want to try in conjunction with them. And they are not just for partnered sex, you can certainly experiment with them alone.

A few words of caution!

Before diving into this, there are a few things I want to make sure to address. First, this may not work for everyone. All bodies react differently to creams and gels, so it is good to test it out and see what works for you. Make sure you are paying attention to ingredients and that everything is body-safe. Gels that contain L-arginine can be irritating to many people. Instead, ingredients such as cinnamon, menthol, peppermint, and capsicum are used. Please check the ingredients to be sure you aren’t sensitive to any of the ingredients. 

Second, my research is based on my own experiences with these products, as well as knowledge of what the ingredients within them can do to help. I tried to include a variety of creams and gels. This is by no means an extensive list of the various brands on the market, but more of a broad overview of what the category of gel/cream can do. 

Libido Creams

Libido creams are the odd one out on this list, as they are not made to go onto genitals. Instead, they go in places where your body has little to no hair so it can sink into the skin. Often in an area where you might put perfumes, such as the inner arm, neck, and chest. It can also be put on the thighs or hips if you want a more direct area. They are meant to improve imbalances in the libido and hormones. 

They tend to use a lot of natural herbal ingredients that are meant to get the blood flowing, such as maca root, horny goat weed, and saw palmetto berries. These can help with: 

  • Increasing sexual desire and arousal naturally
  • Increasing blood flow to the genital area
  • Making you more sensitive to stimulation
  • Helps balance hormones
  • Helps boost energy and elevate mood

Because of their lotion-like texture, they sink into the skin easily. Plus it can be used for a massage if you want to have a partner putting it on you. They often also contain fragrances such as lavender and rosemary, which allow for a calming effect on the mind. As they are meant to be used daily, you can make it a ritual with a partner. You can even use things like massage stones or massage oils along with it in order to enhance the experience. 

Nipple Balms

Starting from the top, we have creams that focus on the sensitivity to your nipples. These tend to be simple cooling or warming formulas, using ingredients that are activated by air and moisture. Bringing blood flow to the nipples not only makes them harden more, but also feels more like someone might have their mouth on them. 

Because they are activated by licking or using the mouth, these are often made with foreplay in mind. For those with decreased libido, extra time spent on foreplay can be a help. Taking the time to play with the balm can allow your mind to relax and find a place for your libido to play catch up with the rest of your body. You can also use it on any part of the body and you will feel the cooling or tingling. Meaning that if someone wears it like a lip balm, they can take their time to stimulate many areas while exploring their partner’s body with their lips and tongue. 

It is also a great way to use things like nipple suckers or even nipple clamps, where the hardening of the nipple allows them to latch on easier. They will also help nipples suckers hold their seal so they don’t pop off before you are ready to take them off. It also changes the sensation of the toys being used because you are receiving much more blood flow to the area. So this also makes it easy to use pinpoint vibrators against the nipples to add to the sensation. They can also help increase blood flow while using nipple pumps

Clitoral Gels

These balms target the clitoris, causing blood flow to increase but also leaving behind a warm, tingling sensation. Gels will absorb slightly quicker into the skin than balms will. This means that oftentimes the sensations might be shorter or longer depending on what you use. They can be used alone easily or you can add a clitoral toy to rev up the sensations. This combination can make even the most gentle of vibrations seem like a Magic Wand on high. Also because the gel tends to spread along the skin, you will feel it not only on your clit, but along the labia as well. This means that you could use them in conjunction with a clit pump or pussy pump to add to the sensation they cause. 

Because they tend to use ingredients like mints and cinnamon for cooling/warming, it should be noted that you don’t have to use a lot to get things going. You might experience numbing after use for just a short while because the nerve endings have become overwhelmed. So I do recommend taking breaks.

While clitoral gels tend to be body-safe, you still want to always check the ingredients. And unless explicitly stated, they tend to not be safe to get on the tongue or mouth. 

G-Spot Gels

G-spot enhancement gels can help folks find their own g-spot and give an increased ability to enjoy more g-spot orgasms. These gels are massaged directly onto the g-spot to increase blood flow and sensitivity of the area. This allows the g-spot to achieve more stimulation and the g-spot area may become more pronounced and accessible. You can use it during manual play or penetration, which gives anyone with a spot more pleasure, possibly triggering a g-spot orgasm.

While g-spot gels tend to use the same ingredients as their external gel counterparts, the gel tends to be thicker. This is not only easier to apply, but it leaves behind more gel in the area you are trying to effect. The gel sinking into the flesh through the mucous membranes causes the g-spot to feel like it has grown. Blood flows to the area and it does make it much easier to find, especially if you are unsure or your g-spot doesn’t become engorged easily. 

It is easiest to use these gels by applying them to the fingers to work against the area. Or my favorite way to apply is putting it directly on a g-spot dildo or vibrator, as the curve allows you to easily find where you need it most. It takes toys like the Njoy Pure Wand to the next level. This can make it easier to not only achieve an orgasm from g-spot stimulation but also make those orgasms stronger for those who already experience them. There is also a higher chance of being able to achieve ejaculation from this stimulation. 

Stimulating Lubes

Lubes that have stimulating ingredients can be used much like the gels and creams that target specific areas. However, they are going to be much more viscous because they also have the added benefit of being lubricated, which makes penetration easier. Normally you will find that these are water-based lubricants so that they will be able to sink into the skin and allow the cooling or warming sensation to be left behind. 

In my research, I found that the lubes are not as concentrated when it comes to the ingredients used for stimulation. Meaning that while you are going to have extra sensitivity, you will find yourself having to play with the levels. A little does go a long way, however, so I actually recommend mixing it with a lube that matches. This way you aren’t overusing it and can adjust the level of sensitivity easily. 

Lubes pair well with any toy! I loved using it to add a little oomph to glass toys or bullet vibrators. Because lube is used for so much, you can really try it with just about anything. This makes it the most versatile of all the gels and creams.  

Penis Gels and Creams

When it comes to simulation for the penis, the creams and gels available tend to fall into two categories. One is for enhancing pleasure, and the other is to enhance stamina, as decreased libido can affect both! They tend to use the very same ingredients that are in gels and creams made for the targeted vaginal areas. 

Pleasure Gel

When it comes to gels for pleasure, you can find them in cooling or warming formulas. Both tend to include ingredients meant to enhance blood flow for increased firmness and increased blood flow. This not only has the ability to enhance sensitivity, but many can be used in tandem with strokers and other penis toys. This allows the user to also gain extra hardness when using it with, say, a cock ring

Stamina Cream

These creams are used as a daily treatment to help increase blood circulation for enhanced firmness and fullness. They can allow for added stamina during sexual activities so that you last longer before ejaculation occurs. This is not like a delay cream that can numb the area, but more something to give an added oomph. Your own sensitivity will still navigate how long you last, but they can help much like the libido creams mentioned above. 

You can add them to use with toys like cock rings or even vibrating cock rings to get an extra boost of stamina, firmness, and fullness to your penis during sexual activity. Or even use them with penis pumps to help achieve the same results. It can also be a way to step up the sensation when using strokers and masturbators

There are many ways to use these various creams and gels. The best thing to do is read up on them. Find one that interests you and is safe for your body. Then experiment! It is the best way to find how and what works for your body. Hopefully, this guide has helped in learning more about the various creams and gels.

Thank you to SheVibe for sponsoring this educational guide. All words and opinions are my own.

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