Review: Pillow Talk Feisty

Review: Pillow Talk Feisty

Thrusting toys are the type of toy I have had the joy of using the least. But I have so much interest in them for a few reasons. I am currently solo in my sex life. And as someone with short arms, not having to do all the work is amazing. When the Pillow Talk Feisty caught my eye I was so excited to review it. I loved the Sassy from the same line, so I went in with high hopes. 

Pillow Talk Feisty Stats

The Feisty is a thrusting silicone vibrator, made with a soft texture all along the shaft and head of the toy. The head of the silicone has a lot of squish to it, but the shaft is stiff to allow for the thrusting motors. The base and cover are made of plastic, accented with a Swarovski crystal. Which makes the Feisty look like it could settle on any bedside table without standing out as a ‘sex toy’. 

To turn on the Feisty, there is a button on the bottom where the charge port also rests. Next to that is the button to cycle through the two different speeds and three patterns. <check out travel lock details>. Because the charge port is exposed, this toy is not water-resistant. 

It comes with a charger, suction cup holder, brush for cleaning, and a bag to fit it all into. 

Feisty and all of the attachments it comes with.


  • Overall length: 8.25 inches
  • Insertable length: 4.5 inches
  • Width: 1.4 inches
Feisty attached to the edge of the bath tub.

So What Did I Think

I have had issues with past thrusting toys. Normally there isn’t enough power behind the thrust and it just ends up pushing the base out instead of the toy in. This was not the case with the Feisty. After finding out my wall would not hold the suction cup base, I opted for my first test to be by hand. Let me tell you, it was nothing like I expected. The thrusting power behind the Feisty was wonderful. I could hold it still and it would move inside of me with no issues. The ridge of the head at the right angle was just enough to tease my g-spot, though not enough to truly stimulate it. 

Now, I was able to go ‘hands-free’ with the toy because it rested perfectly between my thighs to hold it steady. This allowed me to move into positions like on my hands and knees or on my stomach. Positions my size won’t normally let me get when using dildos by hand. It was absolute bliss for someone who enjoys penetrative sex. I could use my hands on other parts of my body. I could let my arms just rest as I enjoyed the sensation. 

And then just as I am getting closer to actual orgasm, squeezing my thighs around the toy to hold on tighter, I suddenly feel the heat and then my skin is burning. Why? Because the charge port heated up rapidly. It left a small burn mark on my thigh for about a day, but it was too small to document. It just stung a whole bunch and made the skin irritated. 

A little too Feisty for me…

While I am a fan of micro branding as a particular kink of mine, I am not a fan of being burned in this fashion. This was a disappointing moment. And I wanted to have missed something. I poured over the box and instructions, but this was not a thing that was stated might happen. There have been toys in the past in which the instruction warned about heating up. So I am curious how this very big problem passed notice. If not my thigh, it could have been my finger while searching for one of the buttons. Or when trying to remove it from the holder as it does hold on very tight to it. No one wants to be injured by their sex toys. 

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the port to heat up to ‘too hot to touch’ levels. This, for me, was not enough time to fully enjoy the toy. While it is powerful, I found it slow in its two speeds. I crave a lot of friction in my penetration to actually get off. 

In the end, it is also rather loud, which is a trend with most thrusting toys. With a certain amount of motor, you can’t help the sound. Though this one was also rather squeaky, so it is something that should be noted. 

Feisty sitting among various bedside table things.

Overall Thoughts

Oh, Pillow Talk, I loved the Sassy so so much, and I wanted to badly love Feisty as well. I just can’t be in love with a toy that overheats in such a dangerous way. There are definitely some improvements that need to be made with this toy. This also might not deter some people, so I will say that if it didn’t have this issue, I would love the Feisty. It did what other thrusters failed to do for me. But if it has the potential to hurt someone, I cannot recommend it. 

You can get the Pillow Talk Feisty, at Vibed for $84.85. Use code Witch15 to get 15% off your order and free shipping starts at $15 dollars.  

Thank you to Vibed for sending me the Pillow Talk Feisty in exchange for this unbiased review. All opinions and writing are my own. And thank you for being a Sponsor of this Blog! 

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