Review: Impressions N3

Review: Impressions N3

Blush Novelties always have such unique toys in their various lines. Recently their Impressions line caught my attention. With their unique phallic but non-realistic shapes, bold colors, and powerful vibrations, I knew I had to try one. And it was the Impressions N3 with its wavy curved design that really stood out to me. 

Impressions N3

Impressions N3 Stats

The Impressions N3 is a vibrating suction cup dildo with a unique wavy design that allows for various sensations during use. Made from a satin finish silicone, it feels smooth and almost silky. It sports a very powerful rumbly motor that has ten vibration patterns, five speeds, and five patterns. 

The suction cup base not only allows the Impressions N3 to stick to most flat surfaces, but it is also big enough to fit into your favorite harness. You can even take it into the shower or bath as it is waterproof. The magnetic charge port attaches to a cord that can be used for USB charging and clips to the bottom of the suction cup base.


  • Length – Insertable: 6 inches
  • Width – Widest Point: 1.6 inches

So What Did I Think?

I was very surprised by the Impressions N3, first in how firm the silicone is. There is very little squish through the whole toy. Then there was the motor, which also starts off strong and rumbly. The first time I used it, I was lucky that I had already used a warm-up toy. I tend to find for myself anything over 1.5 inches in width can be tough to use from the start. The first issue I found was getting the base to stick. I found that you really need it to be as smooth as you can get. That makes it great against a mirror, shower wall, or bathtub. But it was very finicky otherwise, so I much preferred using it in a harness. Holding it in my hand was also super comfortable with my smaller hands. 

The bump of the head fits almost perfectly against my pelvic bone. Because the Impressions N3 is so inflexible, it sends the vibrations right to my G-Spot. I barely had to move before I was getting off for the first time, which is rare with me and G-Spot orgasms. When I was able to see straight again to continue with the rest of the toy, I found that the back bump was perfect for grinding against my clit while the head of the toy worked against the back walls of my vagina. This unique wavy shape is perfect for finding new ways to see what works with your body and I loved that. 

While I did not try it anally, the shape of the Impressions N3 should also be perfect for prostate stimulation as well. I did try it a few times just against my entrance and clitoris, and the rumble was great for getting off that way as well. 

Overall Thoughts

The Impressions N3 is one hell of a toy. If you enjoy or are looking for a firm toy with deep rumbly vibrations, this is for you. It is perfect for those who prefer or enjoy G-Spot or prostate orgasms. My only qualm with the Impressions N3 is how weak the suction cup was on anything that wasn’t perfectly smooth. But that did not take away from using the toy for me, so unless you are looking for a strong suction cup toy, it might not even be an issue for you. 

You can get the Impressions N3 from any of your favorite stores, but I have collected a few links to some of my wonderful affiliates who carry this amazing Blush Novelties toy. All prices listed are the prices at the time of posting this review.

SheVibe ($55.99)

Vibed ($53.85) Use Code WITCH15 to get 15% off.

Thank you to Blush Novelties for being a Sponsor of Witch of the Wands and for sending me the Impressions N3 in exchange for this review. All thoughts, opinions, and words are my own. 

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