Review: Tango X by We-Vibe

Review: Tango X by We-Vibe

There are toys that take the sex toy blogging world by storm, and the Tango has been on that list for a decade now since its inception by We-Vibe. So it was a wonderful surprise to me when I saw that they released the Tango X this year: an updated version of their original toy. And I felt extra lucky that Naughty North was able to send it to me for a review!

Tango X sitting at a slight angle to show off the shape

Tango X Stats

The Tango X is a pin-point vibrator that can be used anywhere on the body and features a powerful motor that is incredibly rumbly. The new design offers a better grip at one end of the toy. There are also easier buttons to not only go through seven different vibration modes, with eight levels of intensity but it also now has a travel lock, so you never have to worry about it going off in your bag or your bedside table. 

Tango X’s main body is made of ABS plastic, while the end is a velvety silicone that gives it just a bit of grip. It is also where the magnet for attaching the rechargeable USB cord is. On a single charge, you get about 120 minutes of playtime. It is waterproof, and even features a low power alert so you know when you need to plug it in! 

In the Tango X package, you also get a storage bag and a sample of We-Vibe lubrication. 


  • Overall Length: 3.92 Inches (9,98 cm)
  • Width: 0.90 Inches (2,29 cm)
  • Width at handle: 0.96 Inches (2,43 cm)
  • Weight: 1.38 ounces (39g)
Tango X with the Wheel of Fortune on the left and the Ten of Cups on the right.

So What Did I Think?

I will be honest as I go into this part, I am a little biased here. I loved my Tango so much when I first got it. Loved it so much that eventually, the motor burned out on me. So when it comes to the Tango X, I am going into this review with a high bar set. 

Grip and Controls

For me, this is the biggest upgrade that the Tango X has. The silicone grip is also home to the controls to cycle through settings and adjusts the power with the (+) plus, (-) minus, and (~) squiggle buttons. These are also the buttons that allow you to turn it on and off by holding them down for about three seconds. You can also travel lock from the controls by holding down the (+) plus and (-) minus buttons for two seconds. The grip is round in shape and fits the fingers nicely, giving you about an inch more to work with when you are holding onto it. The silicone has just enough texture that even with lube-coated fingers, I can hold on tight.

All of this is a significant upgrade from the original, which only had one button to cycle through the various settings. At the bottom of the grip is where the magnets sit for charging the Tango X, and I love how well it connects. You can even hold the Tango X in the air by its charge cord without it disconnecting.

The only issue I took with the grip at all is that it doesn’t fit well with my sleeves that were made with the original Tango in mind. This is only a downside if you own those particular accessories as I do. But one other thing that I wanted to note: with the controls, I wish that the (~) button had just a bit more definition, as it seems to get lost between the other two buttons or accidentally hit when trying to turn the Tango X’s speed up or down at the moment. 

Motor and Vibration

I was very surprised when I turned on the Tango X for the first time. On the lowest setting, the rumble of the vibrations almost made it jump out of my hand. It took me a moment to figure out the best way to hold it. Even with the grip, it wanted to do its own thing rather than be held by me at first. But once I had it firmly between my fingers, it seemed to settle down. 

The vibrations of the Tango X are by far much more rumbly and deep than its predecessor. They start low and powerful and turning the toy up only makes them get deeper. Being able to adjust even the pattern settings to a higher or lower vibration was wonderful. Normally I don’t use pattern settings, but with that ability, I found myself eager to test them out. My favorite pattern is the heartbeat setting. It had perfect timing and was great for edging myself with the toy, rather than just using the basic vibrations to quickly get me off. The rumble is so deep that I can use the pinpoint head to work on smaller sore muscles in my hands and even my feet. 

Overall Thoughts

Even though I went into this review with a high bar set, I was pleasantly surprised by the Tango X in how much We-Vibe has improved it over the original. This is a toy that will stay in my bedside rotation for some time. If you loved the Tango, you are going to enjoy the Tango X as well. You can get your own Tango X in Midnight Blue or Cherry Red from Naughty North for only $109.99(CAD).

Thank you to Naughty North for sending me the We-Vibe Tango X in exchange for this mostly unbiased review. 

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