Review: Her Personal Sex Machine

Review: Her Personal Sex Machine

When choosing a toy to review, I often make safe choices. Choices that I know will likely work for me. But then there are the times when I take a leap of faith. When I decided to pick the Fantasy For Her – Her Personal Sex-Machine. It was one of those leaps. From the ‘safe’ purple color to the laundry list of features. I had to know.

Her Personal Sex Machine

The For Her – Her Personal Sex Machine is part of a line by the For Her name from Pipedream. It is made of silicone for the insertable half of the toy and ABS plastic for the handle. Magnetic USB is used to charge it, which makes it splash-proof. They do say it is waterproof, but submerging it is not recommended.

As we get on to the features, we should start with the shape. The tip is rounded for stimulation. With a slight bit of texture mimicking the gland of the penis. While the length is 8.25 inches, only about half of that is insertable. This is because the bottom half is a thinner layer of silicone. This is so the ripples can thrust and the head to gyrate. While the thrusting and gyrating have only really one setting. The vibrations have 7 different patterns. All of these things happen at once and there is no option for no vibration.

Then we get to warming! Yes, this toy with the lower button on the control panel allows the shaft of the toy to warm up to 40º C (104º F). This can be done either alone or while the other functions are in use. Finally, Her Personal Sex Machine comes with a plastic cap for storage and travel protection.

Her Personal Sex Machine, a purple vibrating thrusting toy sitting on sheets that are split in color. Left side is black and the right side is grey.

So What Did I Think?

Dear readers, when it comes to Her Personal Sex-Machine. I have a lot of thoughts. Not only on the toy itself. But I really have to speak about the branding of this toy. So let’s get into that first.


All of the bells and whistles of this toy aside. The branding of the Fantasy for Her is out there. While gendered marketing is just something the market is saturated with. The Fantasy for Her branding leans into it hard. The instructions on how to use the toy is more like erotic fiction. And bad fiction to boot. ‘The Soothing 104 degrees would perfectly match her own body temperature’ 104 degrees as internal body temperature is in the high fever range. While it does lean into a woman taking her own pleasure and seems to be trying to make using sex toys less of a stigma. I felt like it would do better to sell the toy to more users with less leaning into one gender so hard.

The Toy

I need to start out with the toy on the box and the toy in the box, are a little misleading. On the box, it shows how the accordion-like ridges are rather thin and come close together. While out of the box they are very round and don’t quite ever touch. This really just causes the thrusting aspect of this toy to be shallow. Which is good for inner stimulation, is not what I think when ‘Her Personal Sex Machine’ is used.

Using the toy was a little rough to figure out. Holding it in my hand the gyrating was powerful enough to cause my wrist to rotate in small circles. Even with lubrication if I tried to hold it inside of me, it actually caused the thrusting to go back into my hand. So I had to figure out a different way to hold it. Which involved me being straight on my back, the toy held lightly between my thighs. Not hard enough to keep it still but hard enough to keep it in one spot. It made my thighs, hips and ass burn from the workout.

The gyration feeling like a gentle tickle to my Gspot. Even turning it up it never got more stimulating. It wasn’t until I grabbed a clitoral vibe that I could get off. Her Personal Sex Machine was more like Their Personal Edging Machine for me.

The warming was underwhelming. It seemed to take about 5 min to warm up to any sort of heat I could feel. It also really did not feel like 104 degrees, but I did not have the ability to test it otherwise. But overall the feature was just not something I found useful.

Cleaning the Toy

This part gets its own section because it is important. So after I wiped the toy down. I noticed that much of the lubrication and fluids had gotten down into a crack between the plastic and the silicone. So I took bleach on a cotton swab to clean it out. However, that could only get so deep. While the silicone and plastic look flush in that spot it is hard to tell. And hard to clean. As it took almost 10 to 15 min to clean and disinfect so that I knew it would be safe for use again. This hardly makes clean up a ‘snap’ as it says on the back of the box. Also, the plastic cap does not stay on tight, nor will it go on correctly if the toy is in mid gyration when you turn it off.

Overall Thoughts

As someone who has always wanted a portable sex machine, Her Personal Sex Machine was not it. The power too little. The functions too much. I felt like Goldilocks, nothing was ever quite right. I personally crave more power and fewer functions. For toys, for the Gspot there are others I would reach for first over this one. It was not a hit with me, but I feel like others who want less power to start with this could be a good toy to pick up.

Thank you to Shevibe for giving me a chance to try something new in exchange for this unbiased review. All writing and opinions are my own. This review contains affiliate links that go towards supporting this blog.

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