Review: Naughty Bits W.I.L.F

Review: Naughty Bits W.I.L.F

From the moment I saw Naughty Bits W.I.L.F (Wand I’d Like To Fuck), I was drawn to it. The interesting name, the non-standard colors, and amusing ads all were different from what I am used to. It was fun and kitschy, almost making me forget that they are a CalExotic line.1 So when Betty’s Toy Box offered the W.I.L.F for review, I took the chance.

Naughty Bits W.I.L.F

The Naughty Bits W.I.L.F is a smaller wand, coming in at a full 8.5″ so it is compact compared to others. Other than a small band of ABS plastic it is mostly made of silicone. Which they state makes it 100% play area for unlimited use. Because as the name states, and the tapered shape of the wand handle. It is a wand that you can fuck. This also makes it waterproof. It only comes in the one color which is a bright orange with a navy filigree pattern that covers the toy.

The head of the wand is flexible, allowing it to bend almost all the way to the handle. With 10 different functions ranging from steady speed (3) to different patterns (7). Up to 3 hours of vibration with 2.5 hours recharging time on a USB charger. The touch pad is two small buttons right under the plastic band.

So What Did I Think

The first thing that actually caught me about W.I.L.F, was the texture of the silicone. It looks rather smooth to the eye. But as soon as you touch it there is a texture. Which to me felt like a layer of dust/lint on the silicone. I thought that I might just need to give it a wash. That it was something from where it came from, but the texture did not go away. As someone who has sensory issues with touch, the texture made it hard to use. Even when my hands were slick with lube during testing. I also found the buttons to be hard to find against the pattern sometimes with the texture. They are rather small and blend in.

During use, the vibrations are very powerful and rumble delightfully. The bending of the neck allowing me to get the right pressure or angle against my clit. Until the neck of the toy after about 30 min of use starts to heat up. To the point that it was too hot to put near my gentiles. So while you have up to three hours of charge, you want to space them out.

Okay…but did you fuck it?

With a name as grandiose as Wand I’d Like to Fuck, I had to see how it stood up to that test. The end of the W.I.L.F is tapered, though right at the tip is where the cord attaches. It is thankfully waterproof, so there was no worry there. The vibrations themselves didn’t go down into the wand handle enough to really be felt. And trying to hold a vibrating bulb while fucking myself only would serve to make my hand numb. So I opted to test the W.I.L.F without using that feature. After lubing up so that I didn’t feel the texture, I used it for a bit.

Because there were only about 4 inches to work with safely, I didn’t feel like it was wise to use this toy for deep stimulation. Instead, I kept it rather shallow, which I found was nice. It was a good interlude while letting the motor cool down. However, due to the small size, it wasn’t comfortable to use for too long. As when I use toys to penetrate I tend to need longer toys due to my body size.

Overall Thoughts

While cute in design and certainly does work, I do not think the Naughty Bits W.I.L.F is a wand I would seek out to personally buy. There are what I feel better and cheaper options for a travel size wand. The $87 dollar price2 is rather hefty. Especially when there are other cordless wands on the market for less. This means you can also buy say a toy you do want to fuck yourself with while you use your want!

However, if the design or idea of a toy that you can use in multiple ways sounds like a toy you would use? Go for it! Just do be cautious when using it!

Thank you Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Naughty Bits W.I.L.F. in exchange for my honest review. This post does contain affiliate links, but all words and opinions are my own.

  1. Reminder that CalExotic still sells toys made with non-body safe material like jelly, rubber, and PVC.
  2. Price at the time of posting

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