Review: Vibease Emerald

Review: Vibease Emerald

It seems, that I must make a confession. While there are many sex toys that I love. The ‘rabbit’ style of vibrators has never been one that I enjoyed. As most of them tend to either be very thin rabbit ears. With a not so powerful bullet. Or they are attached to a vibrator. Either way, as someone who has more flesh in their pubic area, they never worked well. When Vibease approached me to review one of their new Jewel Collection toys. I picked the Emerald on a whim. One because it has been a long time since my last rabbit style toy. And two, it was super cute.


The Emerald is a pinpoint/clitoral vibrator with two soft curving rabbit ears. They stand at about an inch in height from the body of the toy. They have a small bit of flexibility to them, but they keep their firmness when moved. The base has a roundness to it, finishing off the rabbit-like shape. With gentle hatching along the bottom giving you some texture for grip. This is also where the round button to turn the toy on and off is found.

Pastel teal silicone covers most of the toy save for the base which is made of clear plastic. This clear plastic part lights up when you turn the toy on/off or cycle through the vibration settings. The seven vibration settings offer 3 different levels of intensity and four pattern settings. Each setting on the Emerald lights up a different color, that pulses with the pattern. The Emerald is USB rechargeable and has 3 hours of playtime after charging which only takes about an hour. The port is sealed so it is waterproof. Also for travel, it has a lock function!

So what did I think?

When you first turn the Emerald on it glows gently, cycling through the different colors. The light is rather soothing but not overpowering. What I really liked was that it didn’t start with the vibration right away. When the toy is buzzing, the vibrations are far more muted at the base than the prongs. So it makes holding it easy. Even during prolonged play I never found my hand becoming fatigued by the vibrations.

From here it was finding how to make this particular toy work for me. Because my clit is further back, the ‘traditional’ ways of using it was not going to work. My labia pressing the prongs together rather than letting them stay apart to sit around my clit. It felt almost like my own fingers. Just without my nails getting in the way. However, I needed to already be aroused for it to work this way.

So I turned the vertically, using one prong on my clit. This was perfect because the other prong teased my vaginal entrance. Which allowed me to use a thinner toy for penetration at the same time. This was an amazing combo. Sometimes, it is good to play around and find what works best for your body.

The Emerald vibrator, a teal green rabbit vibrator being held in someones hand.
The Emerald fitting comfortably in my hand.

Not Just For Women

So one thing that was in a lot of the copy was how this toy was for women. And I wanted to say that this toy can also be used on a penis. It comes down to how flexible the ears are! They split apart with just a bit of pressure to push them apart. With lube, they can glide along the shaft nicely. It can also just be used as is over the skin. It comes down to how creative you can be!

Overall Thoughts

When it comes to rabbit-style toys, the Vibease’s Emerald has opened my eyes to trying something new. If you are looking for a toy of this style you can get yours at Vibease’s site! You can save 20% if you use the code WITCHVIBE. You can also check out my review of their interactive app-controlled toy.

Thank you Vibease for sending me this item in exchange for this review. All opinions and words are my own. This does include affiliate codes that help support this site.

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