Review: Naked Addiction Freak

Review: Naked Addiction Freak

Thrusting toys are a little hit or miss for me, so when Peepshow Toys offered me the chance to review the Naked Addiction Freak—a rotating, thrusting, and vibrating toy—I took the chance. This toy is part of the new BMS line, Naked Addiction, which is a line of dual-density toys ranging from basic dildos to its thrusting counterparts. 

Naked Addiction Freak Stats

The Naked Addiction Freak is a thrusting, rotating, and vibrating dildo. Made to look super realistic, there are skin lines and veins for lifelike texture all the way down to the scrotum of the toy. The silicone has a soft and velvety texture, making it as close to the skin as silicone can get. It is also soft and squeezable for extra comfort during use.

When it comes to functions of the Freak, there are 7 different motions and 7 different vibe speeds. You can use the included remote control, which comes with its batteries included, to scroll through each. Or you can use the speed change/power button on the base of the toy. It also has a suction cup that is able to stick to smooth surfaces, and also makes the Freak compatible with most harnesses.

To charge the toy, use the included USB cable, while the remote takes one CR2032 battery. It also comes with a storage bag so that you can keep it all together with its various accessories. The Freak is water-resistant, which makes cleaning it with soap and water easy, but it is not submersible. 

Naked Addiction Freak and Accessories (Remote, USB Cable, Storage Bag) on a grey background.
Naked Addiction Freak and Accessories (Remote, USB Cable, Storage Bag)


  • 1.3 inches width
  • 5.5 inches insertable length compressed
  • 6.5 inches insertable length fully extended
  • 7.75 inches total length

So What Did I Think?

The first thing out of the box that I notice right away about the Freak is how soft the head of the toy is. The silicone has a wonderful, almost marshmallow-like squish to it. Which, compared to thrusters that I have tried in the past, is a very welcome change of pace. The squishy part is about an inch of the length of the toy before you start to feel the hard insides. Though I will say, even above the stiff parts, the silicone is still nice and soft. The realistic texture along the shaft and balls of the toy is also soft and not very distinct, save for the ridges around and along with the head of the Freak. 

The textured head of the Naked Addiction Freak

To turn on the Naked Addiction Freak, you will find the power button on the bottom of the balls. From here you can click the button again to start the toy, or connect the remote control and then be able to cycle through the various modes. That is when the rotating, thrusting, and vibrations start. The first three modes are your basic low, medium, and high. The next four are different patterns. After a bit of testing, I found that none of the modes are powerful enough to break the seal on the suction cup. But they are still powerful enough to be felt during use. 

Using the Naked Addiction Freak

I absolutely love that the Freak comes with remote control. One of the biggest downsides I have had with other thrusting toys is how hard they can be to control. And with a toy that moves as much as the Freak, the remote is a need. Now instead of trying to hunt for the button while the toy is inside of me, I can wait until I am settled where I wish to be, get the toy where I want it, and then start the motor with a click of a button in my hand. Even sitting directly on top of the toy, the remote worked perfectly. This is likely due to the fact that it is connected normally and not via Bluetooth like many toy control apps tend to be, which I have also found sometimes just downright don’t work as well when fat bodies are using the toy. So there is no need to worry about that when it comes to the Freak. 

But wait, that is not all the remote does! Once you have connected the remote, you can use the bigger top button to choose your thrusting and rotating mode. And then you can scroll through different vibration settings via the power button. It is not until you hold said power button down that it will turn off. So that opens up a few different combinations between rotating and thrusting. With vibration as an option as well, you can find what works perfectly for you. 

But What About the Naked Addiction Freak on its own?

The Naked Addiction Freak is a pleasant toy to use once you figure out all the ins and outs of the remote. As the toy moves inside of you, the ridges of the head and ‘skin’ below it cause gentle G-spot stimulation. They are the only real textures that you can feel while using the toy, as the others are fairly lighter due to the squish of the silicone in those areas. The various patterns for thrusting, rotating, and vibrating are all very beginner-friendly with nothing going too hard or too fast. I found the vibration settings themselves to be simple, never getting overly powerful or overly dull. They are just very basic and almost get drowned out by the other two actions that the Naked Addiction Freak performs. 

Suction Cup base of the Naked Addiction Freak

I actually found myself using just the vibration patterns for a few rounds because I really wanted to be able to feel them. I am glad that using the remote gives me that option because holding the toy while it is in motion can be a little rough to keep it in place. It wants to move, and move everywhere. On their own, the vibrations are much easier to feel and enjoy. So it is almost like getting a two-toys-in-one kind of deal. 

The suction cup is also amazing. I found that it has the right hold to keep it attached to most smooth surfaces for up to 15 minutes. And it is a perfect size as well for using in any harness that you might own! 

Then There Are Downsides

The downsides of the Naked Addiction Freak are the same downsides that I have found other thrusting toys to have. The big one is that if you put too much pressure on the toy, the thrusting will stop. So it isn’t a huge downside, but something to be aware of when using thrusting toys outside a full-on fucking machine. The little motors inside are not made to take a lot of pressure, and so you have to be kind of gentle with it. Also depending on how your insides might be shaped or the tightness of the muscle, you may find it slowing down or stopping when inserted. I found the best way to get around this was to use a warm-up toy that I enjoy before moving on to the Naked Addiction Freak for round two. Plus lots and lots of lubes. The more it can slide and move, the better time you are going to have. 

They also claim that it is quieter than other thrusting toys, which I found to be mostly true. It is still loud enough that I wouldn’t suggest using this toy if you have thin walls. 

One Last Thing…The Name

I am really unsure why BMS decided that this toy was going to be known as Freak. But it isn’t the only toy in this line with a strange name. There is also the Mutant. Both of which look like normal human penises that just so happen to thrust, vibrate, and rotate. The only difference between the two is the shades of white that the skin comes in. Nothing in the Addiction line comes in anything other than white skin tone, which is a separate disappointing factor. But it is the names for these very normal-looking toys that catch me up. Nothing is Freaky or Mutated about these and the names would be better suited to more fantasy toy looks. So really it is just more confusing than making any sort of sense. 

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking to get into using a thrusting, rotating, and vibrating toy, this one might be for you. I find it very beginner-friendly and something you can ease yourself into thanks to the remote control. But if you are looking for something with a lot of power, this one is going to be a pass. 

You can get the Naked Addiction Freak at Peepshow Toys for $89.99, which qualifies for free shipping as well! 

Thank you to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Naked Addiction Freak in exchange for this unbiased review. All thoughts, opinions, and words are my own. This post has affiliate links that are used to support this blog.

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