Review: Chrystalino Planets Glass Wand

Review: Chrystalino Planets Glass Wand

Glass toys, like the Chrystalino Planets, are an amazing option for those who want a firm toy, but without the weight, that steel or dense silicone can have. The Crystalino line of glass toys are simple in their designs but stand out in their price of under 30 dollars. Peepshow Toys gave me the opportunity to try one out, and it was the Crystalino Planets that got my attention. 

Crystalino Planets Stats

Crystalino’s Planets is a beaded glass wand dildo made of borosilicate glass. It is shatter-resistant and non-porous. The shape and curve of the beads allow for firm G-spot, prostate, or A-spot stimulation. Each bead gets gradually larger, meaning that there is more expansion as you get deeper. The last bead has an easy-grip, much like a joystick top, that allows you to angle and move the toy how you want it. 

Because it is a glass toy, that makes it easy to care for by cleaning with soap and hot water. That also makes it perfect for temperature play – running it through the water to grow warm or to give it a chill with cold water. 

Chrystalino Planets sitting on a blue back ground showing off its curve.


  • 7.3 inches total length 
  • 5.5 inches insertable length
  • 1.7 inches maximum bead width

So What Did I Think?

The first thing I noticed about the Chrystalino Planets was the comfort of the handle. It fit perfectly in my smaller hands, but it’s still large enough that it wouldn’t feel uncomfortable in larger hands. The beaded shape also made holding it at various points along the toy easy, even with lubricated hands. 

Chrystalino Planets sitting on a blue back ground. Focused on its largest bead.

The graduated bead shape of the Chrystalino Planets is smooth when in use. This creates an almost rippling feeling against the skin and allows you to choose how deep you want to go without pushing yourself too much. The dips between each bead are very slight, so it is easy to work between each bead to work your way up. The firmness of the glass along with the curve allowed for excellent g-spot stimulation. It also leaves enough room that you can add your favorite vibrator to get any extra sensation that you might need. When it comes to glass toys, I tend to lean towards vibrators or other toys that are at least silicone-covered. Plastic toys make the worst sound when clanking against the glass.

There are no real downsides to the Chrystalino Planets. I am not able to say how this toy feels analy, though I do feel like the end bead is large enough to act as a base that it is safe for anal play

Overall Thoughts 

The Chrystalino Planets is a lovely glass dildo that is perfect for those who are just dipping their toe into the world of texture. Or the seasoned sex toy owner who really loves glass sex toys and is looking to add another to their collection. I also love that this is an affordable glass toy that comes under $30 at $29.99 at Peepshow Toys. So if you grab it, you know it won’t break your wallet. Many of the toys in the Chrystalino line come in under $30. So if the Planets doesn’t quite seem like your thing you might find something else in the line that does.

Thank you to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Chrystalino Planets in exchange for this unbiased review. All writing and opinions are my own.

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