Naked Addiction Cosmic – Review

Naked Addiction Cosmic – Review

I have tried something from the Naked Addiction line before, and it has been some time since that review. When Peepshow reached out about reviewing the newest in the line, Cosmic, I happily took the opportunity. While I might not enjoy the line’s name, I do enjoy the toys that have come from it. So let’s jump into the stats and see what we have here. 

Naked Addiction Cosmic Stats

Naked Addictions’ Cosmic is a dual density realistic silicone dildo. Its soft life like skin layer is wrapped around a firm core. Giving it a squeezable and velvety texture from tip to balls. The shape is tapered for easy insertion. And equipped with a suction cup you can stick to any smooth surface for play. It also makes it harness compatible. 


  • 8 inches total length 
  • 5.5 inches insertable length 
  • 1.75 inch max. shaft width 
  • 1.5 inch head diameter

So What Did I Think

I have tried many dildos over the years and at points it gets a little blurry on details about what I like about each one. However, the Cosmic has stood out in my recent rotation of toys as far as dildos go for a few reasons.

Dual Density

When it comes to the perk of a dual density toy, I often feel like Goldilocks. This one is too soft. This one is too firm. With the Cosmic however, I have found one that can finally fit into the just right category for me. It has in my opinion the perfect balance of stiff core and squeezable outside that makes it a pleasure to use. The details of the shaft and head are pronounced but do not feel rigid while making contact with the body. And honestly is the closest to lifelike that I have really tested in some time.

It makes using in sex aids like the Liberator Bon Bon a dream. It stays upright and does not require feeling like I need extra hands to keep it in place. There is no flop at all and for that I am grateful. And it all is done while feeling extremely comfortable to use. Which is also aided by the tapered end, allowing you to work up just a little to the slight girth of the toy.

Other Perks

So when they say that the suction cup is strong? They absolutely mean it. So long as the surface you are using is good and flat? It will stick with no issue for quite some time. The strength is also such that when I stuck it to a desk? It was enough that I lifted a corner of my desk off the ground. The Cosmic not detaching until I broke the seal of the suction cup separately, rather than from the big pull.

The other great thing, I honestly love the color. Blue can be so hit or miss either being more green and closer to teal. Or light and very baby blue. This is a perfect sea blue that also gives it just a little bit of fantasy vibes if you are into that sort of thing. While it is humanoid, it does not scream big real human cock. Allowing it to just be a touch unrealistic for those who do not prefer that sort of thing in their dildos. However, the rest of it is fully realistic, so it does come down to personal preferences in the very end. 

And just one other small detail that is not told in the listing. The Cosmic comes with a little bullet vibrator packaged inside. It does not have a hole for insertion, so it cannot be used with the Cosmic other than externally. Which I honestly thought a little strange, but am not going to turn down an extra back-up vibe for my toy box. 

Overall Thoughts

Naked Addiction’s Cosmic dual density dildo, is a hit for me. It checks off all the boxes in what I personally look for in a dildo. 

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Use
  • Good Looking

If you have been wanting to get into dual density toys, this is one that I highly recommend as a great place to start. You can grab yours at Peepshow Toys in a number of ways.

On its own (Comes in flesh tones): $59.99
With the Je Joue Classic Bullet with finger Sleeve: $85.99

With Satisfyer Blue Pro 2: $85.99

Thank you Peepshow Toys for sending me the Cosmic in exchange for this unbiased review. All writing and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links that go towards supporting this blog.

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