2022 Blogging Goals

2022 Blogging Goals

2021 was a rough year for me as far as blogging went. While I finished over 25+ reviews, I only wrote three articles outside of that. But beyond blogging, I was also going through a lot. From starting a new in-person job, a couple of breakups that I had no planning for, and getting my mental health under control. I was busy, so it is not surprising that my writing took a little bit of a back seat.

This year, I plan to give it a bump up to the passenger seat. Balancing my daily work with my writing, as well as continuing to review sex toys in between. Both of which I have set a few goals to try to tackle during the year.

More Small Makers

I love small makers! I’ve worked and reviewed for a couple of them in the last few years like Uberrime, Geeky Sex Toys, and Cute Little Fuckers to name a few. Bespoke dildos, fantasy dongs, and other sexual accessories. While the big names make some great toys, the small businesses need love, too. So I want to try to focus on them. Bring their names to light among the larger brands.

It is so important to me, that I have decided that I am happy to do this for free. I will wave the payment I normally ask for in exchange for a review. And while this changes nothing in how I review toys, it is my hope to make it easier for those who wish to claim an available review spot. As well as reviews from my own personal purchases when I can catch a drop or two from some amazing makers.

Writing To Write

Sometimes, writing is hard for me because I overthink it. I am always questioning why anyone would want to read what I am putting out. As well as trying to reach a goal of making it all algorithm friendly. And honestly, I am going to do my best to curb that particular mindset. I plan to write not only for the fun of it but for what makes me happy as well. Erotica, fictional character toy lists, and whatever might come to my mind that I haven’t written about before. I am in my fifth year of writing this blog and have yet to do any sort of favorites toys list! Something I plan to change this year, and because it is a very surprising list compared to other sex toy bloggers. 

While I am writing for my audience, I always want to remember that my writing is also for myself first and foremost. And I know I would be much happier with my writing if I focus on making sure that I am enjoying what I am writing. 

Getting Witchier

One of the non-review articles that I was proud to get out in 2021 was the Queer Witchcraft Resources guide that I put together. It reminded me that I have neglected a whole side of my blog, that being wonderful and witchy. Not only is it my hope to add to this guide as the year goes along, but I also just want to write about more things related to witchcraft as someone who is queer. As well as more spell/ritual guides like my Orgasmic Full Moon Ritual, tying things into sex and sexuality to make them part of your practice. 

A lot of it ties back into just writing to write as well because I have second-guessed myself a lot with this being something that my readers want. But the numbers do not lie, my Full Moon Ritual post is one of my most read of last year. It always popped up as a popular post as each full moon came around. Clearly, there is a want that I was unable to see until the patterns showed themselves. So my plan is to include this in my various articles this year. 

My goals, both big and small, are something I am looking forward to in 2022. While I won’t set any posting number goals or try to write something each week, I still plan to get things out as consistently as my schedule will allow. I hope that you can all enjoy the journey that this year is going to be on Witch of the Wands, and we will see how far I was able to get in about twelve months. 

What are you excited to see on Witch of the Wands this year? Let me know in the comments! 

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