Review: Satisfyer Double Wand-er

Review: Satisfyer Double Wand-er

Satisfyer, best known for their air pulsation vibrators, has done something that was unexpected. They came out with a wand! So needless to say, when Peepshow Toys came to me with an offer to test out the Double Wand-er, I jumped at it right away. Two heads? Powerful vibrations? Can a wand from a company best known for air pulse toys be as good as other wands on the market? Let us dive into the details and see what comes out! 

Satisfyer Double Wand-er Stats

Satisfyer’s Double Wand-er is a little more than your average wand. This rumbly silicone wand comes with quite a few things that make it stand out as unique compared to many other wands on the market. The first thing is that the Double Wand-er has an interlocking head system and comes with two different heads. One is your standard body-massager head. The other was made for G-spot/prostate stimulation. Using the insertable shaft also can create dual-stimulation, using the outside rippled silicone for external stimulation.

Then there are the functions. There are five different strength choices for all ten of the different functions/patterns. This means that the Double Wand-er boasts an impressive 50 different combinations for your vibrations.

But that isn’t all! The Double Wand-er is also app-controlled. This app gives you the ability to customize vibration intensity, create unique patterns, sync the vibes to noise/music, or sync it to your Spotify playlist. It is also long-distance capable via the Satisfyer Connect app. This allows you to link with a partner who has working cellular or WiFi connection. Only one partner needs to have a Satisfyer Connect toy to use it. 

The vibrating wand is waterproof and USB rechargeable. Take it into the shower or bath if desired. The heads are removable, making them easy to clean between uses. It includes an impressive 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • 2.25 inches maximum width (round head)
  • 3.25 inches insertable length (spot attachment shaft)
  • 10.6 inches handle length
  • 13.3 inches total length with either head attachment

So What Do I Think?

There is a lot going on with the Double Wand-er. So I am going to break down the big things about it. 

The Motor and Vibrations

The Double Wand-er is a rumbly wand. As rumbly vibrations are my personal favorite with wands, I went into testing both excited and apprehensive. A few wands that are called rumbly have been far buzzier for me. Thankfully, from the first vibration that the wand makes when you unlock it, there is no doubt about the rumble. The rumble is deep and steady, the kind of rumble that you can feel in your bones. And they spread nicely when pressed against the body. On the lowest setting, it is very gentle but still deep and only grows more intense as you go through the speeds. Even on the highest speed, I found the rumble to be as deep as it was on the first speed.   

Double Wand-er Comparison

Because of how rumbly I found the Double Wand-er to be, I wanted to compare it with what is the rumbliest wand I own: the Magic Wand Rechargeable. This took quite a few testing sessions, both on high and low settings. Not only testing it in a sexual way, but I had to test it as a body massager as well since I use my Magic Wand Rechargeable for body aches all the time due to how nice and rumbly it is. 

And in all honesty, these two are very close to one another in the rumble in my opinion. Neither of them can quite eke out any more rumble at where they settle in their high settings. But there was a difference in how the rumbles spread due to the size of the head. I found with the Double Wand-er, it had just a little more ‘pin point’ accuracy, while with the Magic Wand Rechargeable it was a broader spread.  

Double Heads

Now the reason for the Double Wand-er’s name: the dual heads. This wand has two heads that can be locked and exchanged into the wand itself. There is the standard rounded mushroom-shaped head, with slight ridges at the bottom that can be used for added sensation. It comes to a slightly smaller top than most standard wands as well. I found that this was great for getting the edge of the wand to grind against for more clitoral stimulation. 

The Dual Stimulation/G-spot head has close to the same shape as the standard head, but with a non-phallic shape for insertion coming from one side. It is about as thick as two smaller fingers put together and have a curved tip. With a little lube, the insertion site is easy to use. It is somewhat firm but does still have a good amount of bend to it. My personal wish is that it was not only just a little firmer but also that the curved end was more pronounced. As is, it could only stimulate my g spot so much before bending too far and just trying to slide out. 

Though I will say the vibrations that went through it felt great when also using the edge of the head to stimulate the clitoris. The duo led to a series of really great orgasms that I kept going back for more over the next few days. Even when I wasn’t strictly testing. 

Double Wand-er Phone App

Because I am generally a solo player when it comes to my sex toys at current, phone apps seem to skip my radar a lot. But I of course downloaded the Satisfyer app so that I could see how this one held up. 

Installation was simple and so was getting connected for the first time. The toy connects via Bluetooth, but you will also need to have your location on at the same time. I assume this is so that you can easily use the long-distance play function. But I do wish that I could only need to turn it on when using that particular function of the app. Though it does during set up let you opt-out of tutorials, offers, and surveys. They are also upfront with how they are using data that they gain from your use of the app, and if you don’t opt out of it at the moment, you can change the settings at any time. Also once you connect your toy to the app, you can see what charge percent it is at, which I really enjoyed. 

Local Play

The main screen of the App is Local Play. From here you can reach: Program Play, Live Control, Ambient Sound, Music Vibes, and Remotyca Stories. 

Program Play: Allow you to go through different programmed pattern settings and create your own. It also lets you put these various pattern settings into longer sequences. 

Live Control: Use the phone to control the speed of the Double Wand-er. Comes with a boost button that puts it at the highest setting for 20 seconds or until you stop it. 

Ambient Sound: This controls the vibrations through ambient sound in the room. Also uses the boost function. 

Music Vibes: This lets you control the vibrations via music already saved onto your device. 

Remotyca Stories: Here you can listen to and download erotic audio stories that go through vibrations while listening. You can also connect to your Spotify playlist here. Sadly I cannot say much about this function. Try as I might, I was never able to get it to authorize. 

Remote Play

This section is where you can connect via long-distance with another person also using the Satisfyer app. It not only allows for play functions but a chatting system as well. You can only use this function online (Wifi or Phone Service). And you do have to create an account to get into this section of the application. 

It does have end-to-end encryption with the chatting function, which allows you to verify the unique code given to your partner to make sure your privacy is secure. 


This function is for posting and sharing different patterns that others who use the app have made. This is another function that you must have created a login to use. You can use them from that page, or download them for later use. Users will see your username if you post your own saved patterns. 


This is just a basic alarm function that you can use. Good for reminding you of playdates or scheduled times for masturbation. I could also see this used in some fun Orgasm Control situations. 

Cleaning Your Double Wand-er

Yes, this gets its own section because using the Double Wand-er came up a lot for me. The two heads are extremely easy to catch lint and other hair. It is my suggestion that when you use it, have something to wipe it down with right before you use it. Even if you have just washed it. I found it could quickly pick things up between two rooms, especially if you have furred friends. 

The other part that you need to keep an eye on when cleaning is where the heads lock in. There is a good chance of bodily fluids still getting inside of there. So you want to be sure to clean inside of it. Because I didn’t want to risk it, I did not submerge the wand when it does not have the head locked in. 

But overall, being able to separate the heads from the body does make for easy cleaning. I can toss the heads into the sink with all of the other toys that are able to be submerged. 

Overall Thoughts

When you break it all down, the Satisfyer Double Wand-er is a rather lovely luxury body wand. Great for someone who likes having a lot of options when it comes to a variety of vibrations. But also someone who wants to change it up now and then to switch the heads for a different kind of play. It is also a rumble lover’s dream. So I have to say, this wand comes highly recommended. 

You can get the Double Wand-er from Peepshow Toys for $99.95, which is a good price for a higher-end wand. 

Thank you to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Satisfyer Double Wand-er in exchange for this unbiased review. 

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