Womanizer OG – Review

Womanizer OG – Review

You would be surprised to learn that at the time of posting this, I do not have any reviews for the Womanizer brand! At one point I did have a review of one of the first Womanizers to be on the market, but it has since been discontinued and upgrades have come out in its place. But that was also on my blog before Witch of the Wands. So technically, this is my first Womanizer review. The lovely people at The Vibed sent out the Womanizer OG to me, one of their newest models. So let’s jump into this review and see how it did. 

Womanizer OG Stats

The Womanizer OG is an Air Pressure toy designed for not just clitoral stimulation, but for G-Spot stimulation as well. It combines air pressure technology with vibration. Made of a velvet-smooth silicone and ABS plastic, it is made to fit the curve of the body in a very gentle shape. On the top curve, there is pulsating air stimulation with 12 intensity levels. The vibration function offers three different levels in low, medium, and high.

Then there is a function that they call Afterglow. After holding down the minus button for one second, the toy is brought down to the lowest suction intensity. Finally, like many of the new Womanizer toys, it comes with the Smart Silence feature. This means that it will not activate until it is touching skin. 

The OG is waterproof and comes with a magnetic USB cable for charging. The charge time itself is about 100 minutes (1hr 40 min) and has a run time of 120 minutes (2hrs). Cleansing is simple with warm water and a gentle soap. It comes with not only a charging cord that has the Womanizer logo on it for easy sorting. And it also includes a bag to hold it all in. 

Forgive the water, sadly the Womanizer OG is a lint magnet the second it is dry


  • Length: 7.72″ 
  • Width: 1.5″

So What Do I Think?

Once I got the OG out of its rather bulky, yet sturdy packaging. The first thing to jump out and draw my attention was the kind of air pressure waves it was utilizing. Instead of the typical suction, it had a tapping plate inside the nozzle. This has been known to be less effective due to the stimulation being far weaker. The nozzle is also very atypical for a Womanizer brand toy. Being wider as it tapered outward and having very little rise around the opening. From a design standpoint, this makes perfect sense because it is meant to be an internal toy.

However, this in combination with weaker air pressure did mean it was impossible to get a seal around my finger. And while I could create somewhat of a seal using the pad of my thumb. The strength was nonexistent, so it did not hold on tightly. And this was even after turning it up to the highest air pressure setting. It genuinely felt barely any different from the lowest setting. Though, the vibration settings on the other hand are rather strong and rumbly compared to the suction, which is nice. But my first impression just against my hand still left something to be desired.

Internal Use

When it comes to being able to insert the Womanizer OG, it is fairly simple due to the total circumference being rather thin. The sensation of the hole for the air pressure part of the toy felt a little odd. But not as strange as the sensation when you turn the OG on while it is inside. The suction creates a pinching feeling that is almost painful. It doesn’t last for long, but it is noticeable.

The curve of the OG is pronounced enough that it rests quite well against my G-Spot. However, due to the flexibility of the shaft, you really have to put a lot of force into getting it to properly stimulate. Due to the chronic pain in my wrists and hands, this meant that I could not do so for too long without serious strain on them. This left me unable to use it for too long in that manner. 

Going back around to the air pressure waves, it was hardly anything like I expected when first reading about the toy. I was expecting the same sensation as when I would use it against my clit, allowing it to stay in place and really be focused on my G-Spot. This is just sadly not the case at all. After trying it a couple of times, there was always the initial pinching feeling and then absolutely nothing. A few times I even worried that I didn’t turn it on and the pinch was all in my head. But for me, it seems that the internal aspects of the Womanizer OG were a total bust.

External Use 

With all the issues I had using it internally, it was not a surprise when the external uses of the Womanizer OG completely underwhelmed me. The first thing I noticed is how loud the Womanizer OG is compared to many of their other toys that I have used in the past. It definitely was the tapping plate at work. And when it comes to comparing it, unlike every other suction toy I have tried, I felt absolutely nothing once I was able to get the OG in place. I feel like this was in part due to the big changes in shape and lack of any kind of nozzle to pinpoint the suction.

It was actually the vibration mode that came in clutch at the end, as they are far more obvious during external use. Using them allowed me to achieve at least one orgasm out of the whole ordeal. 

Overall Thoughts

Womanizer promotes the OG as a clitoral stimulation toy first and a G-Spot toy second. Sadly in both of these respects, it absolutely missed the mark to do either of those things, at least for me. However, I have seen other reviews from my fellow bloggers that also back up a lot of what I have written here, so it is not just me. Personally, I would suggest investing in the g-spot dildo and a separate clitoral stimulator of your choice.

The price for the Womanizer OG does vary depending on what online store you are purchasing  from. Vibed just so happens to have it for $199, a price that from what I have seen has come down quite a bit from almost $250. However, I think this is still far too much for a toy that does not live up to its own hype. 

Thank you to The Vibed for sending me this toy in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. All writing and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links which funds go towards maintaining Witch of the Wands.

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