Why I Write Sex Toy Reviews

Why I Write Sex Toy Reviews

Over the years I have been asked, why do I write sex toy reviews? There are so many things out there. Sex toy reviews are very niche compared to other categories because of the taboo. There are those that find it very frivolous or even undeeded. It is a sex toy? Why care what it can and cannot do? When in reality there are so many reasons why! One of my biggest reasons for this is a time when I wish I could have found a review.

When I Needed A Sex Toy Review

I was doing cam modeling for a few years. I often had clients who wanted to send me gifts. One, in particular, wanted to send me a tail plug. Even after sending him links to Crystal Delights. Who has some of the nicest tail plugs at the time. I had read so many sex toy reviews from other bloggers, that I was basically sold on it. I had already shopped with them before so I trusted their product a lot.

He instead asked if he could send me one he saw on another site1. Though I should have stopped at my first red flag. There were no measurements on the site for the size of the plug or tail. The information was pretty sparse. I couldn’t even find this particular plug on any other site to try to find more information. But he wanted this for the color so I let him send it to me.

A sex toy with no reviews, sex toy reviews.
A AA Unknown Tail Plug

This is where it went badly

The confirmation of the order came quickly. But then I found myself waiting for shipping confirmation. Then two weeks had passed. Which was odd. 3 to 5 business days was what the site told me for shipping. I ended up contacting them on FetLife. As it was the only place they had any contact information. Not on their site. To which, was told it would take about 10-15 days before my order was sent out. That was my first worry.

So I waited. Only to have it take past the 15 days and then find out…they had sent it to the wrong address. My package finally came, I was excited. That was until I opened the package to reveal. 

The little truth

The tail which I thought was going to be full and plush like in the picture was so short and stubby. More shaped like a cattail then a foxtail. No bigger than my head. The plug itself wasn’t even the same color. I still tried to use the plug. It was small enough to fit me easily. However, being made of hard silicone, hurt like hell as it rested inside of me. The size of my ass, dwarfing the tiny tail. My client was sad about the results.

I still have the tail plug to this day, if only to be a reminder to me why they are important. This is why reviews and sites that have good reputations matter, when you know just what you are getting is going to be a quality product.

One well reviewed toy, one not well reviewed toy.
Crystal Delight Rex Fox Tail (Top) Unnamed Tail Plug (bottom)

Why I Do Sex Toy Reviews

This little story is one of the core reasons I review. There are so many different toys and companies out there. It is hard to know what is quality and what isn’t. But when there can be those of us out here who take the time to research, test, and write up reviews. It makes so many people’s lives easier. They all know what they are getting when they can find a review!

It helps you know when you are going to get a product that is going to be not only quality. But also when you know that something isn’t up to par. I know I have reviewed a number of toys that either didn’t work for me, or just didn’t work. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t work for another blogger! So I am a very big advocate for reading other blogs. Everyone writes sex toy reviews for different reasons.

It also helps to know how a body works for different body types. While most companies don’t take this into consideration. Reviewers do! This means you can find a blogger who’s body might match your own. For me, it is always my hope to share how toys work with a body that is fat. As often many sex toys aren’t made with larger bodies in mind. So it can sometimes mean finding tricks to make them work. Or how it can be a different experience than someone with a straight size body using it can be.

Positive vs. Fair Sex Toy Reviews

Another thing I try to keep in mind, is taking all things into account. While I cannot always be positive I can try to be fair about a toy. I don’t tend to give out right negative reviews, but I will be honest about how I feel. While a toy did not work for me, I will never say it won’t work for everyone. Unless the toy causes serious harm, then I have to be honest about said harm that was caused. Because those are situations where I know that if I don’t inform those details, someone could find themselves hurt. Be it a too small base or a toy that physically hurt.

In the end, I review because I am a geek about these things. I love talking about how toys work. I like talking about makers, and sharing all of this information with my readers. Because that is who I do this for when it all comes down to it. The people who come to read my blog.

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  1. The site is now gone from what I can find.

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