Review: Portland Toy Co – Core

Review: Portland Toy Co – Core

Next on my journey into getting to share smaller makers on this blog, comes Portland Toy Company. Founded by a queer non-binary femme in 2018, their goal is to make fantastic and functional silicone sex toys for all. Products made by them are 100% body-safe platinum cure silicone. Hand sculpted in clay, then molded with silicone and individually cast, so no two are exactly alike. So I felt super lucky that I was sent a few things to review. The first of which is the Core!

Core Stats

The Core is a neutral-shaped silicone dildo, slightly phallic in shape but not realistically. The silicone itself is firm so it stands up on its own well. The shape has just a little bit of a bend and the head has just a bit of extra girth. The base is flared so that it makes it both anal safe and harness compatible. Each Core is individually cast in a choice of three colors: amethyst, gold, and teal. So each sold is different from the rest, making it unique to its owner. Easy to take care of, all you need is to wash it in soap and water.


  • Total length: 7 in
  • Insertable length: 6.5 in
  • Diameter at widest point: 1.75 in
  • Diameter of shaft: 1.65 in
  • Diameter of base: 3 in
Note: In a recent email with the owner of PTC, it was shared that the Core would be undergoing some changes in the near future. When those specs are up I will update this review. 

So What Did I Think?

When Portland Toy Company says that the Core is a crowd-pleaser, they absolutely mean it. This is an amazing and simple dildo, that honestly, I would suggest for a beginner. The shape and size aren’t intimidating. The firmness while hard still has a nice bit of squish to it. The slight bit of curve and the girth of the head are nice for those who want something that will very gently stimulate your g-spot or prostate. The base for solo use is easy to hold in my smaller hands. Which makes using it in multiple positions a breeze as well. Personally, I loved using the Core as a warm-up toy before using glass, metal, or larger toys. When it comes to harness use, I found it easy to get in and out of the rings. As well as control in the moment because of the firmness of the Core.

Also, I love the coloration of my particular Core. I decided on amethyst. When I first took it out of the packaging I spent a while just enjoying the details. The little swoops and whorls that the silver and purple created. Having the knowledge that no one else’s Core will look the same as mine makes it a treasure in my collection.

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for a starter toy for yourself or a partner, the Core is the way to go. If you are wanting a toy that is simple in shape and function, this is the toy for you. Or if you are wanting to support a queer-owned business, Portland Toy Company has you covered.

You can get your own Core at Portland Toy Company for $69, you can get 10$ off your order using WITCHWANDS at checkout.

Thank you to Portland Toy Company for letting me review the Core in exchange for this non-biased review. If you would also like to work with me, follow the link!

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