Review: Double G Pop from NoMoreWetSpot

Review: Double G Pop from NoMoreWetSpot

The Double G Pop is not your average toy g-spot toy, that is the easiest thing to say about it even when you first look at it. It is easy to tell that to two acrylic balls at the end are meant to be used to stimulate the g-spot, though the bar in the middle quickly makes you wonder if it is going to give you more than that. Though they say that it is less likely to be pushed out from your muscles than other toys. There is also the bonus of giving your kegel muscles a workout as you contract around the ball.  This will increase the intensity of your orgasms over time.

Holding it in your hand you can feel the cool steel and the weight of the large end tipping slightly if you hold it too lightly. The small end is 1 3/8″ the large end is 1 7/8″. It is suggested to start with the smaller side, finding which of the two balls will work for you. Moving to the large one can also bring extra stimulation. 

They also suggest it works perfectly with a bullet or hard vibrator, just placing it along the shaft of the Double G Pop so that the vibrations run up to the ball inside of you. They say you can even do that and lean it against your clit for added stimulation.

Because it is made of stainless steel, non-porous acrylic material and held together with medical grade glue, making it completely hypoallergenic.

Dirty pop, that you can’t stop

The Double G with the steel shaft between the two balls is extremely stiff. So for me, the first part of using it came from having to find a position that I could make sure I was holding the toy that using it would not become painful and I could still hopefully be able to get off. It involved a lot of pillow placement and eventually moving down off my waterbed to be able to use it on my own. It was a fairytale moment, Goldilocks to be specific. Everything had to be just right.

My hands are also rather small, so because of the size of the large ball, it was uncomfortable to hold. The smaller ball working inside of me easily. It didn’t seem like enough. Though at that moment I wasn’t able to figure out why.

At this point, I felt like I have done so much prep work just to get off. It almost wrecks any kind of arousal that I might have been having.

This must be, pop!

Not one to give up I continue! And with a little help from some Sliquid and some really good erotica, I found I was able to ramp myself up a bit! I found that the smooth surface of the ball felt really good on the outside of my labia and clit. Warming me up for what was to come. before I would, almost literally, pop the ball inside of me. The larger ball felt like it was hitting my g-spot slight. Just enough it could give me some gentle stimulation. It was at this point when I tried the trick of the bullet.

I only had my Tango, it honestly was just too much noise to handle. The exact words I wrote in my notes was: It sounds like the worlds smallest jackhammer, do not want. I also found that honestly, I couldn’t feel any sort of vibration coming from it even testing it later it didn’t pass the nose test for me. So it did not surprise me that I could not feel it.

Then I moved on to trying it internally. It took the addition of a bit more lube than normal to get it in. The feeling was that of a pop much like the feeling I get when using a plug or kegel balls. Though it left me feeling almost empty as I moved the ball around and my muscles tried to grip the thin steel rod. It felt okay against my G-spot but something felt missing. This is where I figured out that I need all of that other feeling to be able to get off. Because try as I might with both ends, I just could not seem to get off. 

I finally just gave up.

Once You Pop, It’s Okay To Stop

This wasn’t a case of the Double G Pop being bad a bad sex toy. It was a case of the toy not being correct for my body. I did finally just add the bullet to take care of getting off with clitoral stimulation. Which when I had the toy pulled almost out of me, felt good. But I would still want more curve. 

The Double G Pop did not hit it off for me as much as I wanted it to. I need more bend or curve to be able to get the stimulation I want.  If you think you won’t mind the lack of girth throughout the whole of the toy, you also may enjoy it! So while it wasn’t for me, I am sure there are people who will find the Double G hit the spot for them. 

You can find the Double G Pop over at NoMoreWetSpot.Com and I thank them for sending me this toy in exchange for this unbiased review!

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