Review: Crystal Delights Mystery Box

Review: Crystal Delights Mystery Box

Crystal Delights is a star in my collection, part of this is because of their Mystery Box which has to be one of my favorite things to see a company do. 

Now, just what is a Mystery Box for them? It is a one-time thing (unless you buy another later), with one product inside of it. Heavily discounted (Box runs 59.95) but you are still getting a super quality glass toy! They also allow you to put in the option of not wanting to get anything with real fur and go with faux instead if that is what they pick out for you. But why is it a such a discount? This is because it is slightly out of their acceptable specifications, a new color they are trying, a current product they have a lower quantity of or even something NEW they are trying.

All of the toys that go into the mystery box still meet their safety standards before shipping out, so nothing is poor quality. So it is actually a super great deal for anyone who might be on a budget but still wants some sparkle in their collection.

But What’s In The Box!?

Over the course of a couple of years, I have picked up the mystery box and gotten some beautiful toys from it.  

Basix Delight Dildo with a blue Swarovski crystal element at the end of it. It is one they normally carry, so either they had it in a low quantity or it could be due to what seemed like the jewel being slightly off center at the end. I wasn’t sure, but I can say that I was not unhappy with what arrived! There will be a separate review later going into detail about this toy!

Rose Bud Delight, that I hate to put away because of how pretty it looks on my bedside table.

What seems like a normal one of their Crystal Delight plugs or a Princess Plug, but then you look at the base and see a design that they don’t sell on their site. So this is the pride of my collection because it is so unique. It goes to show that you can never be certain what you are going to get in each box.


So if you enjoy a good mystery and love high-quality glass toys, but haven’t taken the plunge with Crystal Delights yet I highly recommend ordering one of these lovely surprises!

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