Witch of the Wand’s 40th Birthday Giveaway

Witch of the Wand’s 40th Birthday Giveaway

We are nicely into Scorpio season and the month of November, which means there is a celebration to be had! For this is the month that I first made my appearance into this world. This one is particularly special because I am turning 40, which is just wild to comprehend. Because this is such a big month for me, I wanted to give back some of that love.

Welcome to my 40th Birthday Giveaway!

For this giveaway, I have collected seven great items for you to choose from!

  • Dame Aer (Betty’s Toy Box) – One of my favorite toys this year! Check out my review to learn more.
  • Dildoll Fantasia (Vibed) – A great beginner’s g-spot/prostate toy. Check out my review to learn more!
  • Hydrus Water Dragon (Uberrime) – Super textured, knotted fantasy dildo. Soon to be reviewed.
  • $100 Dollar Gift Card from SheVibe – A wonderful shop that I love to support.
  • Dame Com Wand (Quartz) from Early to Bed – My all-time favorite shop and my favorite wand of the year! Check out my review to learn more!
  • 1-year subscription to CrashPadSeries – Some of the best queer porn on the internet. 

All winners must be in the US. Toys will be sent out to the winner via each shop that has donated one.

Only one prize per winner will win one of the three prizes from their choices made in the poll entry. If prizes left are not on the winner’s poll new winners will be picked for those prizes.

The SheVibe Gift Card winner must create or have a Shevibe account so that the credit can be disbursed correctly. CrashPad winners will need to share their email addresses so that your free month can be set up. 

All winners will be emailed after the Giveaway ends. If the winner does not respond in 24 hours a new winner will be picked for that item. Winners will be connected with sponsors or Witch of the Wands to gather information for their winnings.


You can enter for each prize being given away, but only one item per prize winner. 

Dame Aer

This lovely suction toy is one of my favorite toys of the year. I love the gentle suction of the Aer, as well as the shape of the toy and how it rests in the hand easily. Thank you Betty’s Toy Box for donating this item.

Dildoll Fantasia

The Fantasia a glow-in-the-dark dildo is great for beginners who are just starting to get into prostate or g-spot play. The soft curve and slightly pronounced head give you light stimulation so that you can build up how much pressure you might need. Thank you The Vibed for donating this item.

Hydrus Water Dragon

Fantasy toys are always so exciting! The Hydrus is covered in a scaly texture that you can feel all over as you use it, and a knot for those who like a little bit of stretch. The winner will be able to choose between the sizes small, medium, or large. They will also get to choose their own colors and size for a custom toy! Thank you to Uberrime for donating this item. 

$100 GC from SheVibe

SheVibe is a fantastic online shop that makes sure everything they carry is body safe. They have a wide variety of sex toys and accessories in their shop, so you are sure to find something you will need to have. Thank you SheVibe for donating this item. To claim their gift card, winners need to create or have an account on SheVibe so it can be distributed correctly.

Dame Com Wand (Quartz) from Early2Bed

Early to Bed was my first and favorite sex toy shop! I started going to them in my early 20s and never looked back. They have donated a Dame Com Wand in the Quartz color. You don’t want to miss this one, as the Com has been my favorite wand of 2022.

1 Year Subscription from CrashPadSeries

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen my live tweets of CrashPadSeries episodes as part of their #SexEdPornReview. With a full-year subscription, you will get access to all new episodes and access to hundreds of past videos to enjoy as well. 

Another big thank you to all the shops, sites, and makers that donated to this great giveaway. You have certainly made this a happy birthday for me so that I can be able to give back to my readers and followers!

13 thoughts on “Witch of the Wand’s 40th Birthday Giveaway

  1. My birthday tradition is going to a certain restaurant with my friends — hosting a sex toy/porn giveaway is so much better! Thank you for this!

  2. I honestly don’t have a birthday tradition! Birthdays don’t have a lot of weight for me so I’ve never felt the desire to do more than accept people’s well wishes and gifts 🙂

  3. I don’t have a birthday tradition for myself but for my 13 year old son, we always throw him a surprise birthday party with friends and family. He’s caught on by now but will go along with the “surprise” for my sake!

  4. My favorite birthday tradition is visiting local shops that offer birthday discounts. From discounts on purchases to free deserts, stores and restaurants in my area offer some great perks!

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