Rituals and Routine

Rituals and Routine

Standing in the kitchen, I watch as tea swirls in a burgundy cup. Having just added honey with a hint of sugar, I wait. As it slows I add just a bit of cream turning the dark liquid a soft tan. These few moments allow me to get a few breaths and ground myself. Though the tea isn’t for me, it is for Sir. It is one of the few rituals we have within our power dynamic that is consistent. As I am not his only partner in a dynamic with him. Having my own personal little rituals has become something very important to me.

Feminine hands holding a mug of tea wearing a sweater.
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The Little Things

Protocol and rituals are always important to BDSM dynamics. Things such as when one wears their collar, terms used with their partner, and so many other things can fill that list. Often when someone hears that I am in a 24/7 dynamic that it means I must have many. When in truth, I only have a few small ones.

I have written about my ramblings before, they are like nightly journals to Sir. How my head space is. How my day was. Things that just might be going through my mind at that moment. It is coupled with my goodnight message. In the mornings I send my good morning message. Two newer routines started recently. Removing my collar before sleep and putting it back on in the morning. As well as my daily journal for myself is also part of this. Making sure that I let him know when I have gotten it done.

Just Breath

Each one is grounding in their own way. They allow me to make sure I am taking my time with my day. My rituals are worked into my daily routine in order to help ease myself into and out of the day. Especially when I am juggling so much between blogging, reviewing, my part-time job, and three relationships.

For me, each task is a moment to stop and slow down. To breath and take stock of what is going on. Often I can let the day get the better of me. Rushing around and moving to fast. They are reminders that even when things are up in the air. He has got me and that all I need to do is just breath. That he is my Sir and I am his.

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